Elegant Product List Configuration

Product List Configuration

1- Go to the product list tab and select the product list configuration.

2- Product Cart section, In this section, you have the option to customize the background color, image background, product frame background, button color, mouse hover color, and button icon color.

3- Breadcrumbs Colors : You can edit the breadcrumbs color here.

4- Sidebar banner : You have the flexibility to modify the sidebar banner and its URL, and also have the option to enable or disable the sidebar banner or link

5- Pagination Color and  Font: You can change the pagination background, text, page numbering frame color, and page numbering font size

6- Filter Section Color and  Font : You can change the sidebar background, link color, mouse hover link , frame box color, and the link text size.

7- Switch Listing view: Navigate to “Categories” under “Catalogues” and access “Layouts” to modify the listing view.

8- Switch Listing view: Go to the content tab, choose the category of the listing view.

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