Testing & Validation Solutions

Testing and Validation Solutions

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Software Testing and Validation Solutions

Software testing is an activity to verify whether the actual results match the expected results. This activity is the most important part of any Software development lifecycle. It ensures that the software system is Defect, Error and failure free. It involves execution of a software component or system component to evaluate the expected functionality as define during the requirement and design phase of software development.

In order to ensure that produced software meets the accurate demands, it must be tested at each development stage to ensure that the result is of the desired and high quality. Products that have not been thoroughly tested may be the cause of many built-in problems further down the line of software development lifecycle.

Professional testing and Quality assurance is thus an essential prerequisite for any product or project is to be successful.

BrandCrock GmbH is ISTQB® Global Certified and our accredited test managers, QA engineers and test engineers have many years’ of working experience on software testing projects. They work closely with software developers, software engineers and system engineers to delivery high quality testing solutions.

Test project management

Test Management and Test Planning.
Analysis of test specifications and Test Requirements.
Analysis and defining of test cases for automated and Manuel testing.
Analysis of the applicability of test systems, Simulators and Hardware involved.
Support for the selection of testing devices and Hardware.
Implementation of testing devices.
Planning and management of automated tests.
Implementation of automated Software test procedures.
Development and implementation of test procedures.
Development and configuration of test environments.
Optimisation of any existing test processes.
Compliance with quality management standards, such as ISO 9001.
Compliance with agile Software development methods.
Preparation of test records and reports.

Testing development using automated testing

Preparation of test plans.
Preparation of automated test campaigns automatic and Manuel.
Preparation and execution of over nightly Tests.
Definition of test cases in consultation with the client.
Implementation of test cases in automated tests.
Evaluation of traces and error analysis in collaboration.
Record maintenance.
Continuous Testing using Agile Testing
Preparation of test reports.
Weekly and Monthly execution of the Test cases.

Test cases

Test cases Planning
Evaluation and Validation
Implementation of end-to-end tests cases
Implementation of automated tests cases
Management of a project test team

We provide support and services for following Testing types

Agile / DevOps Testing
Test Automation
API / Service / Micro-service Testing
Test Data Management
Testing as a Service (TaaS)
Mobility testing
Data migration testing
Data testing
Extract, transform, load (ETL) testing
Package testing
User Acceptance testing (UAT) and minimum acceptance Testing
Regression testing and cluster testing – to verify that the system still works the way it did before
Functional testing – Actual functionality of the system
Penetration testing
Load testing- How an application performs under a heavy load
Performance testing- Performance of the application based on certain scenarios
Recovery testing- Recovery from error conditions or hardware issues
Security testing- The security of the system
Stress testing
Usability testing
Accessibility testing
Exploratory testing
Quality Engineering and Process Consulting
Digital Assurance
Black box and White box Testing
Unit testing for software development
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