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E-commerce, Web Applications & IT Solutions Provider

Providing E-Commerce Web Development & Software Development Solutions In More Than 16 Countries Without Language, Communication And Country Barriers. We Provide Tailor-Made E-Commerce Development, CMS & IT Solutions According To Your Requirements. We Are Your Software Development Agency.

Affordable E-commerce Development & Software Solutions

We are IT Services providers who help in establishing and growing your online business. At BrandCrock GmbH we aim at providing the highest possible quality e-Commerce, m-Commerce, Corporate Website Development, CMS based Website Development and online web based Solutions. Our team members are highly trained, professional and well-equipped with every latest skill needed for the jobs we are hired for. We are a group of experts and certified developers for all major E-Commerce and CMS platforms.

We have a proven track record of on time project completion and its delivery to our valuable customers and that we cost far less than the competitors. Not compromising on smartness, quality and sharpness of the product, we make sure to cut your software development charges to almost 1/3 with our outsourcing Software Development Model.

We help you out in making online presence better in the market with our proven online software development experiences and marketing strategies.

Who We Are

BrandCrock is where we make your Brands and empower you to overtake you competitors.We strive for challenging projects that produce bigger rewards.

Located in Munich, BrandCrock GmbH is a leading and trusted German company with expertise in Web Designing and Software Development. Since 2015, we are here in the IT and Software fields to provide reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to the Information Technology and Software world in Germany and abroad.

BrandCrock is a one-stop solution provider for all your business needs. We create sales-oriented websites, internet-based software and web services to maximize your business growth. We have multiple passionate teams and talented individuals who are extremely committed and well trained for doing their job with zero tolerance for any errors.

We are providing solutions in more than 15 countries, with 2 major software development technological centers and software houses in Karachi and Chennai where extremely focused, sharp-minded, thoughtful and well experienced work force is working for the betterment of IT and Software fields with ever new and unique ideas and techniques that we rely on and are proud of.

The quality control and innovative needs of our clientage, if any, are met and carried out in Munich, Germany.

What We Do

  • We are your partner for digital transformation.
  • BrandCrock is an opportunity provider for individuals, Business owners, Start-ups, small to medium size Companies and Agencies to outsource their e-Commerce web development & software development projects.
  • We are providing cost effective Software & IT Solutions for everyone under one umbrella without languages, countries and communication barriers.
  • At Brandcrock we believe in delivering high quality Software solutions to achieve this we set very high standards and follow industry best practices.
  • All our developers irrespective of the expertise, focus area of working, they all are certified.
  • BrandCrock has ISTQB Certified Testers, Shopware Certified Partner, Magento Certified Developers and Shopware (Udemy) Online Certified developers.
  • At Brandcrock we believe in “Low Price and High Quality” Software and IT Solution development.

Why BrandCrock?

  • BrandCrock is based in Germany with offshore offices in 3 countries.
  • We have the best outsourcing model for software development & IT-Solutions.
  • Over 150+ e-Commerce web development and Software projects are under our belt.
  • We delivered e-Commerce web development and software solutions in more than 15 countries worldwide.
  • Internal and External Training programs for our teams is a regular feature at BrandCrock.
  • We have 20+ Online Certified Shopware Frontend Theme web developers for e-Commerce web development.
  • We have 20+ Online Certified Shopware Backend web developers for e-Commerce web development.
  • We speak more than 8 languages eliminating language and communication problems that our clients might face.
  • We have proven record of bringing down the cost for e-Commerce web development and software development to one third.
  • We have completed the assigned projects with 100% success rate and fulfilled the promise of delivering on time.

Recent completed Projects

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