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E-Commerce Solutions

Brandcrock, founded in 2015, has established itself as a certified e-commerce agency specializing in outstanding solutions and developments in e-commerce. With a deep understanding of the dynamics of the digital market, we offer custom software development that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our expertise spans leading platforms such as Shopware, Magento, Shopify Plus and Headless E-Commerce.

With a team of certified developers, we have years of experience working with different business models such as B2B, B2C, and D2C. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative, scalable e-commerce solutions that not only meet current requirements but also provide a solid foundation for future growth. Our solutions combine industry-leading technology with customized strategies and precise implementation to ensure the success of your e-commerce project. Which enables us to take your online business to the next level.

E-Commerce Technologies



As a certified Shopware agency with certified developers, we realize high-quality online stores for B2B and B2C in many industries. As a Shopware 'Extension Partner' with extensive experience, we develop value-oriented, customizable solutions to improve your online presence. Discover now our custom offers that will strengthen your business.

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As an experienced Magento agency with certified developers, we bring a wealth of project experience. We provide customized Magento development services for B2B and B2C businesses. Our work helps you to improve your online business and stand out from the competition. Rely on our expertise for your success.

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Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the popular cloud commerce solution for professional businesses who want to create an online store that reflects their brand. Our goal is to help you create stores that perfectly reflect your brand to strengthen your e-commerce business and boost your growth.

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AI for E-Commerce

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. It improves customer service, enables more precise segmentation, optimizes logistics, and promotes better purchasing behavior. Prepare for the future by integrating AI into your online store. We support you in exploiting the full potential of AI.

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Headless E-Commerce

To stay competitive in the e-commerce space, your platform needs to be adaptable. Headless e-commerce provides the agility you need to respond quickly to market changes by enabling the flexible design of customer experiences across multiple channels. Focus on sustainability and innovation.

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PWA in E-Commerce

Do you want to significantly improve the shopping experience in your online store? Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer a modern and effective way to do this. Take advantage of this opportunity and contact Brandcrock to stand out from the crowd and provide your customers with an exceptionally good and unique shopping experience.

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Some of our projects

E-Commerce Services


E-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing develops customized strategies to raise your store's profile and increase sales. With better Google visibility, engaging content, and targeted advertising, including social media, we improve your conversion rate and visitor numbers. We recognize the uniqueness of your business and offer individual solutions for the success of your online business.

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E-Commerce Design

E-commerce web design plays a key role in your purchasing decision. We adapt the design of your website to your brand to captivate customers. Whether it's a new store or a relaunch, our designers use their extensive experience to make your store stand out. With creative solutions that reflect your brand identity and offer the best value for money, we will achieve your goal.

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Shop Migration

Store migration involves moving from one e-commerce platform to another and requires careful planning for a smooth transition. We take care of selecting the right platform, servers, data analysis, and technical details to minimize disruption to operations. Post-migration support is also crucial.

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Interface and Integration

In the world of e-commerce, interfaces seamlessly connect systems and guarantee smooth operations. The integration of ERP, PIM, and CRM optimizes everything from warehousing to customer loyalty. This enables efficient communication with payment services and marketplaces, creating a networked ecosystem for improved customer experience and effective management.

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E-Commerce Consulting

In the consulting phase, you decide on the best service partner. This phase allows us to learn all about your project and gives you an insight into our working methods, processes, and workflow. It serves to clarify the scope, timeframe, and costs. Thanks to our in-depth e-commerce experience and expert advice, you receive transparent insights and high-quality service.

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Store Optimization

We boost your store with fast loading times, top usability, and perfect presentation on all devices. With intuitive navigation, captivating product texts, first-class images, simple checkout, and a variety of payment methods. Our analysis and SEO strategy increases visibility. Rely on our expertise to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

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Who are we?

BrandCrock GmbH is your reliable partner for offshore and outsourcing software solutions.

We have been contributing our expertise in e-commerce, mobile app development, web design, and custom software development since 2015

Solutions for B2B, B2C, D2C and white label

Our project philosophy encompasses consulting, concept development, technical implementation, project management, and ongoing support and maintenance.

At BrandCrock GmbH, we stand by your side from project initiation to Go Live to ensure that your vision is successfully realized.


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Our Certifications

At Brandcrock, we are committed to providing high-quality software solutions. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in the high standards we set for ourselves and the best practices we consistently follow. Our team of developers combines extensive expertise with a deep passion for technology and innovation. Regardless of their area of specialization, almost all of our developers are certified, underscoring our commitment to expertise and continuous learning. Through this approach, we guarantee that every solution we develop not only meets current requirements but is also future-proof and of outstanding quality.

Award winning
software agency

CMS Solutions

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is crucial to the success of your online presence. Several factors play a role in selecting the best CMS to meet your needs. Consider the specific strengths and weaknesses of each system, whether WordPress, Typo3 or another, and how they fit your industry and the goals of your website. Ask yourself: are you looking for a system for a traditional website or a modern, dynamic online presence? Each CMS offers different features and flexibility, which may be more or less suitable depending on your use case.

To make an informed decision that meets the needs of your business, we recommend working with Brandcrock. Our team of experts will help you identify the ideal CMS that fits both your industry and your specific needs to achieve your online goals.



Our Clients

Beyond E-Commerce


Mobile App Development

Are you looking for a mobile app? With around 10 years of IT and e-commerce experience, we offer customized mobile app solutions for B2B, B2C, D2C in Europe and the USA. Our offering includes iOS, Android and cross-platform applications, perfectly tailored to your needs. Not sure about the choice of technology? We advise and support you to fully exploit the potential of your app - from the initial idea to store management.

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Custom Software Development

We specialize in custom software development with Laravel and PHP. We offer customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to your business needs. Our experienced team uses modern technologies for web applications, mobile apps, e-commerce solutions, and complex systems to realize your digital visions. Discover with us the variety and flexibility of individual development for your company's success.

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Brand Experience

Our “brand Experience” service creates a comprehensive, positive brand perception. We emphasize your brand in every customer contact, from online presence to customer service. Through strategic planning, creative content, and digital innovation, we create unique brand experiences that build customer loyalty and set you apart from the competition. Our goal is to create a consistent, engaging brand experience that inspires your target audience and establishes your brand for the long term.

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Customer Reviews

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We are your all-round solution for design and development services. From the creation of e-commerce shops to the development of mobile apps and customised software development, we offer comprehensive solutions. We also support you with customised SEO and digital marketing strategies as well as the creation of high-quality videos. Contact us now to find out more!

Frequently asked questions

Our remote development teams use effective communication channels such as Mattermost, Slack, Zoho project management, Jira, Skype, WhatsApp, email and various online meeting tools such as Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams.

Our resources work in synchronised time with CEST (Central European Summer Time). The team starts at 8:00 am and works until 4:00 pm, according to German time.

Our resources have excellent academic backgrounds and many years of experience in working with German clients, both in communication and project realisation.

Yes, your requirements can be provided in both English and German. Our teams are trained to deal with both German documentation and German communication.

Brandcrock has been providing valuable software development, app development and e-commerce development services to various industries for over 10 years.

Our resources have more than 8 years of experience and have worked on over 900 projects in various industries.

Our teams use effective tools such as Zoho Project Management, Jira and others to ensure smooth project management and collaboration.

Yes, we can develop customised software solutions that meet your specific requirements and business objectives.

Yes, we offer comprehensive app development services for various platforms such as iOS and Android.

Our teams have experience in various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education and more.

Our payment terms are flexible and can be customised depending on the scope and duration of the project. We work closely with our customers to reach fair and transparent agreements.

Yes, we offer end-to-end development that covers the entire development cycle from requirements analysis and design to implementation and maintenance.

Yes, we offer comprehensive post-deployment support and maintenance services to ensure your applications run smoothly and stay up to date.

Yes, our developers are certified and constantly keep up to date with the latest technologies and best practices.

We attach great importance to quality assurance and carry out rigorous tests to ensure that the software developed is error-free and robust.

Yes, we have experience in carrying out complex integration projects and can integrate seamlessly with different systems and platforms.

Yes, we offer training and training support for deployed solutions to ensure that your teams are familiar with the new technologies and can use them effectively.

We take strict security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your data, including encryption, access controls and regular security checks.

Our teams are available around the clock to respond to urgent requests or problems. We provide fast and effective support to ensure your projects run smoothly.

Our teams are certified and use agile methods for better delivery. We keep all stakeholders informed at all times and adapt flexibly to changes.

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