Shopware 6 Plugin Gurado Integration

Shopware 6 Plugin Gurado integration|Shopware 6 Plugin Gurado integration

The Gurado Connector plugin seamlessly integrates your Shopware 6 shop system with the Gurado voucher system, enabling you to manage eligible products, handle shipping charges, and redeem vouchers effortlessly.


  • Streamlined Eligible Product Management: Manage eligible products directly within your Shopware 6 shop system, ensuring effortless voucher applicability
  • Simplified Shipping Charge Handling: Automate shipping charge calculations based on voucher redemption, eliminating manual intervention
  • Seamless Voucher Redemption: Integrate voucher redemption into the checkout process, providing a smooth customer experience.
  • Optional Loyalty Card Program: Engage customers and boost sales by implementing an optional loyalty card program..

Link to download  https://store.shopware.com/en/brand83239251963/gurado-integration.html?c=4

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