Web Development

Web Development

Welcome to our comprehensive web development services at Brandcrock, where we transform your digital objectives into reality. Specializing in an array of custom development solutions, we cater to diverse needs from sleek web design to complex backend functionalities. Our offerings include cutting-edge responsive design ensuring optimal display on all devices, robust frontend and backend development that underpin a seamless user experience, and versatile content management systems (CMS) that empower you with full control of your content. Additionally, we excel in developing dynamic e-commerce platforms, custom PHP development and Mobile App development, tailored to unique business requirements. Partner with us to build a powerful digital presence that stands out in today’s competitive landscape.

Web Design

At Brandcrock, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional web designs that resonate with your audience while ensuring functionality across all platforms. Our comprehensive web design services encompass responsive design, mobile app design, e-commerce themes, and CMS themes, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Partner with Brandcrock to leverage our expertise in web design and create digital solutions that are not only visually captivating but also strategically engineered for optimal performance and user engagement.

Front-end Development

At Brandcrock, we excel in leveraging cutting-edge front-end technologies to create stunning and efficient user interfaces. Our expertise spans across HTML5 and CSS3, establishing a solid foundation for web structure and style that ensures your website is both accessible and visually engaging. We utilize advanced template engines like Smarty, Twig, and Fluid to enhance templating efficiency and maintainability.

For dynamic interactivity and responsive design, we incorporate frameworks and libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue.js, and modern JavaScript frameworks, along with SCSS (Sass) for advanced stylesheet capabilities, and CSS preprocessors to streamline and optimize CSS coding. Our developers are skilled in using Extbase and Ext JS for building sophisticated web applications, and we leverage the power of TypoScript for high customization in CMS environments.

Furthermore, we integrate cutting-edge technologies such as JavaScript, React Native, Flutter, and NativeScript for mobile and cross-platform development. Our team also focuses on implementing Service Workers for progressive web features, enhancing offline capabilities and network performance. Through our comprehensive approach, which includes strong UI/UX design and API integration skills, we build front-end systems that are not only visually appealing and user-friendly but also robust and scalable, ready to meet the challenges of any business environment.

Back-end Development

Our back-end development services are the backbone of our robust digital solutions. We utilize a wide array of technologies to ensure our applications are secure, fast, and scalable. Our expertise encompasses core programming languages and frameworks including PHP, Ruby on Rails, and the Symfony Framework, paired with efficient database management systems like MySQL and MongoDB. We also implement advanced caching and message queuing services such as Redis and RabbitMQ to enhance performance.

For search capabilities, we integrate Elasticsearch, and for complex data structures, we utilize Doctrine ORM and EAV Database Structure. Our development team is skilled in API development, custom module creation, and plugin development across platforms like Magento, Shopware, and WordPress, utilizing REST APIs, GraphQL, and WooCommerce hooks and filters. Additionally, we focus on security best practices and service worker development to build resilient and reliable applications.

Expanding our expertise, we have strong proficiency in WordPress, including deep knowledge of PHP, MySQL, WordPress core, plugin/theme development, and REST API. In TYPO3, we are adept in managing TYPO3 core concepts, Extbase, Fluid templating, TypoScript, and backend configuration. For mobile app development, our skills extend to Node.js, Express.js/NestJS, MongoDB/SQL databases, with a focus on API development, real-time data handling, authentication, and stringent security measures. These comprehensive capabilities enable us to deliver high-performance, customized back-end solutions that power successful websites and apps.

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