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Package Designing

Package designing is basically a bunch of methods which design and create a container for a product. This container may be anything including a box, bottles or a case. For a better look the labels on these containers are made beautifully to please the customer. A packaging may even contain inner packaging and need proper designing.
The items packed in a packaging material may be sent to the buyer through courier or mail or may physically be received by him at the spot of trade. If we talk about paper packaging

There are four types already present in the market

Corrugated boxes which are used for carrying appliances, electronics goods, wine, fruit, vegetables etc.

They are frequently used as a bulk shipper. Made of many layers of paper with middle (corrugating, ripple or waves’ shape) layer, the material of the boxes is strong enough to carry heavier items like electronics appliances.

Paperboard is used for making cartons used to carry a single but light weight item whatever it may be. Bags and sacks:

The paper bags are used for retail items, clothing and grocery etc.
The multi-wall sacks used for cement and flour. They may be used for the supplying charcoal, fertilizers and collection of food scraps, cement etc.

Plastic coated hard paper for liquids.

This paper is especially produced to make ice cream cups, coffee mugs, water serving cups and milk.
In certain cases the packaging is designed to be fit for proper carriage of the item. Cubical, cylindrical, rectangular or ever pyramidal shapes are there in the market.

The outer walls of the packaging carry details of ingredients, dates of production and expiry with the name of company and other essential information about the item inside the container. The graphics on the outer surface of all smaller or bigger packaging may include writing, pictures, monograms or icons. One thing is common in all the above… all of them need a presentable and unique designing that appeals to the customer and captures his attention.

In many cases, the items and the products, especially new ones or not known much, are judged by packaging before a buyer gets to experience the item. In such cases it can be imagined how important the presentation, i.e. the packaging is. A good packaging introduces the item and if liked, can convert an experimenting shopper into a permanent client.

Therefore the packaging designing should be:

Beautiful because it is the first factor of engaging the clients.
Extraordinary as the item has to be distinguished from its competitors.
Striking which means the design is capable of converting the onlooker into potential customer and a customer into a fan.

All the above is important considering that a packaging is basically a marketing tool. A customer is not bound to buy a product even if it is placed at a prominently visible display. It is the design and its attraction of the packaging that catches the eye of the beholder who may not have much time for shopping. At the same time, all the manufacturers are trying their best to have him as a customer via their presentation of their items; hence better the presentation, more are the chances of winning the heart of the person in the mall or a store.

The store owner, on the other hand, will never want to keep his space occupied with a slow moving stuff. If the item is not getting a good clientage, it will surely be moved to the rear or may completely be removed from the shelves because there are many others looking for the same place in that store to put their products.

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