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Graphics Designing

Drawing by hands or computer software is believed as Graphic design. One of its uses is to create visual effects for communicating ideas that inspire the targeted audience.

Graphically designed items are included in reports, communiques, videos, and other media for multiple purposes but to let the message reach and persuade the masses in favor of the message, thus achieving the best of the results.
The production of graphic design needs innovative thinking and a talent for creativity, which are fundamental for the smooth conveyance of ideas. At this stage, good communication skills to present, charm, and negotiate are a requirement of time.

A Graphically designed item about a brand communicates with a client through the story told by graphics that elaborates the brand’s properties, features, and utilization. It is a fact that there are numerous devices, intelligent apps, and social media channels to help in reaching out to the masses. Whatever medium the merchandiser may use, graphic product or presentation must create curiosity in the minds of the viewers. The curiosity is created through small and big details in the graphics that provide details about the launched brand. Passion, hard work, and talent are required to create a novel design, a “creation”; that never existed before. Labor of thinking and drawing, editing, and corrections are essential factors involved in this process; therefore, a graphic designer must keep his mind open and ready to go through fresh and new advice from all colleagues and sources. These ideas may also flow in from the clients for whom the designer is working.

Nothing is said to be perfect, so a designer must always be ready to face objections or criticism. Designing is an ever-improving industry. The discrepancies in one product may teach suitable lessons, and a new product may not have those faults.

By default, most designers are nature-loving as they are inspired and driven by learning and lessons from their aesthetic sense. Good choice of colors, shapes, faces, and environment to sell the idea or brand; all are derived from surroundings and the life around them.

BrandCrock GmbH provides matchless graphic designing of banners, logos, videos, web, or package designing at any scale. We are able and trained to do everything from the postal stamp to national postal signage system or any organisational digital look. We know that the first step for tempting customers is the presenting style, and we are good at it.

2D-3D Design

First of all one has to consider “space” to grasp the idea of 2D (two dimensional) and 3D (three dimensional).

As in geometrical drawings, a rectangular or square shaped paper or page lying “flat” is “2D” which means it has two dimensions, typically called x-axis and y-axis. One edge of the paper is said to be x-axis while the other, making right angle to the first one is taken as y-axis. The “corner” of the paper is the result of the meeting point of these two axes. With x being one dimension and y the other, the flat piece of paper is 2D object.

3D is develops when the third dimension, typically called the z-axis, is introduced. The drawing of a box on a 2D paper is a “3D” object where the bottom is shaped by x and y axes and the height or depth of the box is the along z-axis.

So 2D and 3D refer to the difference which one observes between a photograph and a statue. Photograph, being on paper, is in 2D and a statue is an object in 3D. Another example is that of, for instance, a cow and her shadow. The cow is a three dimensional object while her shadow on the flat ground is two dimensional.


HTML5 Banners

Being core technology of the Internet HTML5 is the fifth and latest standard version of HTML; a markup (computer) language used for structuring (software job) and presenting content for the World Wide Web (www).

In this modern world of business, everyone is engaged in winning the battle of reaching out to potential customers and clients. New and fresh brands are being launched and introduced. The entrepreneurs are entangled in a fierce struggle of winning the hearts and minds of the masses. Their struggle may result in making their brands a household name or may lead their products just a non-entity, A good campaign supported by good advertising strategy, through better sources and means, can lead to success. These means include “banner ads” that stand out in the market to catch the consumer’s attention.

The effectiveness of message through banners is an art that a few master. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer to this difficult task. This is well known in the business world that proper content of the banner can result in easy and fast access to a website. The text offered to the searcher must contain the keywords in the written material at a website. The keywords lead the searcher to reach quickly and smoothly at the very site where the searched item is located. Inclusion of keyword is one of the most important tools in Search Engine Optimization process because it shows the way to the searching customers where a product or software can be found.

General public is not conversant with the technical terminologies used in a particular, say engineering, field. They use common words so the content of a particular company’s advertisement. The banners must contain the key words that a common person may use to search a particular technological, engineering or pharmaceutical company. Whatever the official name of a particular service may be, a common customer is habitual of using non-scientific, non-technical common words for a service he needs, so the banners or the content must contain those keyword which might be used by the searcher.

Logo Design

Logos is a Greek word meaning “logic” as used in the words like biology (the logic of life), geology (the logic or understanding of Earth) and psychology (the logic or knowledge of the psych of human beings). Literally it is said to be a sentence, statement, argument , an article, essay or even a book that contains reasoning and is used for convincing a listener (audio form), reader (print form) or viewer (video form).

In business world a Logo is a recognizable graphic design which is unique in appearance and capable of fully presenting the item or company for which it is made. So, a logo is a single “shape” that distinguishes the brand it represents from the other brands of similar nature like, for example, the logo of a soft drink, which is equivalent in properties, to another drink. A logo is basically the recognition of a company or its brand.


Package Designing

Package designing is basically a bunch of methods which design and create a container for a product. This container may be anything including a box, bottles or a case. For a better look the labels on these containers are made beautifully to please the customer. A packaging may even contain inner packaging and need proper designing.

The items packed in a packaging material may be sent to the buyer through courier or mail or may physically be received by him at the spot of trade. If we talk about paper packaging

Web Designing

Creating an online presence and efficiently marketing of your website will take weeks or even months of developing different services. We at BrandCrock GmbH offer all kind of web design services.

We will create website of any kind and of any size that you require from us. From small custom designed to highly online advance stores. We offer lots of guides and advice to our customer, so there is no need to worry if you don’t have know-how of website, we will cover you.

Responsive web design guarantees that your website will adapt to each exclusive device used to access your site. The best responsive websites mechanically re-size all onsite image, content, and functionalities for mobile, tablet, and desktop.


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