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Corporate video refers to audiovisual material such as DVD, High-definition (HD) video, streaming video, or other media commissioned for use by a company, corporation, or organization, mainly for promotional purposes to expand awareness concerning a brand. These videos may be:

Promoting any product
Used for training purpose of the employees or trainees
A source of communication between traders and consumers
Of instructional nature
Informational regarding safety procedures at various sites or work places for development project

The producer must remain focused on what he delivers in the message while creating a video to promote the brand. Its details like logos, jingles, mascots and eye-catching color schemes should be beautifully embedded in the message. All this will result in the uniqueness of the brand that will attract that the viewer.

2D & 3D Animation

We will make a customized 2D-3D Animated Video according to the desired requirement, including blog openings, how-to videos, openings to information products, and video demos.

Custom designed to be placed around whatever video footage you desire, you will be able to deliver your message with the proper branding and end your videos with a specific, unique, targeted call-to-action.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animated Videos are the best explanation of concepts, products, or services easy to understand, and they are according to desired terms. Besides that, if target audiences are enjoying watching, communicating the particular message efficiently and quickly.

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BrandCrock GmbH is a creative explainer animated video-making agency focused on serving its customers. We create corporate videos to make the product more understandable to clients, which will help in marketing and making a good profit.

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