We are providing cost effective Software & IT Solutions for everyone under one umbrella without languages, countries and communication barriers.

Why BrandCrock GmbH?

BrandCrock is an experienced full-service e-commerce web and mobile development agency specialising in creating ROI-driven websites for small and large businesses. With over 8 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as the preferred partner for businesses of all sizes looking to deliver exceptional user experiences and fully functional web shops.

BrandCrock designs and develops easy-to-navigate, SEO-ready and secure websites supported by the latest and most robust e-commerce technologies and content management systems.

One Stop Shop

In the true sense of words BrandCrock GmbH is:

A perfect platform for your all e-commerce problems

Provider of websites of your choice and related assistance

A team at your disposal, working for you and your IT needs

Technical Skills

We are building the responsive and profit-earning:

Web designs
Related Gadgets

We help in keeping your position high in the market by:

Developing the marketing strategies
Lecturing, teaching and guidance
Sharing and letting you know our wide experience of market
Providing ingenious and dynamic solutions for your merchandize

Powerful Strategies with Productive Solutions

To keep your position in the market there are some strategies and BrandCrock GmbH has a great experience of market. Therefore we provide ingenious dynamic solutions of your projects.

Concerned about Clients

We love to work with passion
We solve clients’ issues to lead him/her to prosperity and profits
We remain truly concerned about clients’ demands and needs

Qualification and Certified Professionals

BrandCrock is proud of being:

A specialists’ group of Magento and Shopware products
A reliable team of software engineers
An innovative, smart and energetic community of IT wizards

Our Clientage

They are extremely happy and satisfied people as we are:

Experts, seasoned and experienced
Present in the IT world since long
Well-known for our satisfied work plus on time delivery
Not costly
To the mark
Fulfilling our promise
Having a long list of completed and developing projects

Our Assets

Communicating in 8 languages
3 offshore intercontinental offices
No communication barriers at all
Smooth and harmonious environment
Friendly relationships with clients
Easy access and availability for a talk or discussion
Ready for any quarries
Long and lasting coordination with our patrons

Coordination with the Team

Coordination between the client and the company is really important as it affects the project. Our team is good in coordinating with the client which results in successful project.

What Now?

Simply join us.

We are your all IT problems’ solution.
We are just a call away.
Or drop us a e-mail.
Welcome to BrandCrock world, your world.
penetration test

BrandCrock – Penetration Testing

More than 10 years in cybersecurity.
Successfully completed penetration tests in Payment Gateway, e-commerce platforms, Financial Services and other domains.
Scans open-source software and custom-built applications.
Detects critical vulnerabilities with 100% accuracy.
We are the pioneers in automated web application security testing using innovative technologies.
Safe and controlled activities to keep the tested system undamaged.
Experience in development of custom tools (scripts, exploits and etc).
Experience in auditing configuration files and source codes (white box).
Checking any threat from WASC threat classification.

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