Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

A WordPress Plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. A plugin can extend functionality or add new features to a WordPress websites.

WordPress is a powerful and incredible digital experience. It is impressive   with its endless amount of integrations including plugins; and it is awesome because of its ability to easily extend and expand its functionality through plugins.

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language, they are bits of software that are integrated seamlessly with WordPress. Once decided what is needed from a particular plug-in, creating is a simple process. A variety of environments is used to create a plug-in, but it is necessary to make sure that necessary files from the plugin Software Development Kit (SDK) are available.

WordPress plugins easily enable addition of different functionalities to a websites including maps, charts, contacts, forms, backup functionality and more. This is done either automatically through the WordPress dashboard or manually by downloading the zip file directly.

More than 50,000 free WordPress plugins are available to choose from. These plugins have been downloaded more than a billion times.

WordPress Plugins offer countless ways and means for blogs to be detected at one or more websites through Content Management System (CMS). CMS provides a facility of managing the content data of a project at multiple levels for multiple users. It includes creating, editing, publishing, reporting and archiving the web-site content, data and any information regarding the project.

At a blog site, the WordPress provides space for discussions by having comment tools for further exposure to the user. WordPress Plugins facilitate the user to shape up complex galleries, networking, forums, controls for SEO, media widgets, and spam control etc.

To take full advantage of the possibilities customized Open Source plug-ins are created for online WordPress CMS for blogs and websites.

As a WordPress software development agency BrandCrock GmbH designs and creates a wide range of individual WordPress plugins solutions for online business community. Search Engines Optimization (SEO) is an excellent default feature of the WordPress. Although thousands of plugins and themes are available; BrandCrock GmbH program all kinds of plugins whether sorting, widgets, linking with external APIs or comprehensive administration; tailored to any specific requirements.

We work with CSS, Javascript and PHP for the extension so there are limitless possibilities at hand and within grasp as we create everything without compromising quality and deadlines, costing our patrons far less than the market.

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