Magento Template

Magento Template

A slow online shop is a frustration for customers and a frequent abort criterion. Magento has been developed and continually improved with time, by the software engineers, to address this issue. Based on our experience with numerous Magento shops, our Magento developers at BrandCrock GmbH have an extensive knowledge regarding how loading times of a Magento online shop could be optimized. The better loading times can significantly improve the conversion rate for a shop. From changing the button for the shopping cart to a completely new Responsive Template, we can do everything without any problems.

A small adjustment can make a big difference. Magento template seems complex but once the trader gets command over it, the template gives a loveable flexibility and powerful platform for E-Commerce. Lot of Magento templates are available in the software world but it takes considerable and precious time to pick the best one for your E-Commerce store.

These Magento Templates define exactly how the content of layout blocks are presented on a page i.e. order, CSS classes, and elements grouping. Unique templates provide out of the box functions with three main components namely PHP template files, PHP block classes and XML layout configuration.

For all Magento themes from BrandCrock GmbH collection, we guarantee full compatibility of all platform components and smooth upgrade to the newer versions. Individual templates are also designed and executed on demand. We confidently present ourselves for a flawless work. As an experienced provider of Magento services, we offer with no surprise the Magento templates that do not acquire any additional costs.

BrandCrock GmbH Magento templates

Magento Theme Development
Suggestions for optimizing the shop
Complete web design of the shop with the new layout and a completely new design
Usability & Design
Code & UX /UI (Responsive & Mobile Ready)
Theme Design and Development
Cross-browser Compatibility
Redesigning Services
BrandCrock GmbH through its seasoned developing and Software developer team deals in Open Source Magento E-Commerce solutions and offer full services to merchant’s satisfaction doing on-line shop businesses.

For more information and our customers’ offers for your very own personalized Magento Template please contact us.

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