Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Improve Your Search Rankings with SEO.

Why Your Site Needs SEO?

Search engine optimization is an inexpensive way of reaching your business to relevant customers in no time. Through SEO, your website is made visible to people who searches for your business. SEO increases site traffic, engages the audience and drives more conversions.

SEO Services

  • URL Structure Fixing
  • Keyword strengthening
  • Title Tag Embeding
  • Sitemap Reviewing
  • Site Performance check
  • Responsiveness
  • Crawl Error Identification
  • Content Optimization
  • Shop System Analysis
  • Audience Analysis

Technical SEO Services

Recreating your website by getting rid of common technical errors enhances your website’s technical SEO. Thus, it allows search engines to crawl and index your website ranking. We apply a demonstrated approach with a tiny step towards tremendous results. Search engines algorithms keeps updating and the websites need to optimise their site speed and improve their technical SEO adaptiveness.

Best SEO Practices



We implement few technical adaptations on your website’s on-site elements like content, images, meta-tags, alternate text, internal links, sitemap, and hreflang tags may greatly impact on your website’s search engine ranking. These invisible factors are more helpful for search engines to crawl and for user navigation.


Website loading speed is responsible for the site’s organic traffic and in grabbing the search engine’s attention. Our digital marketers ensure that your site performs high with faster loading and keeps high-ranking URLs intact. This improves the user experience, search engine rankings and conversion rate.


Brandcrock's SEO team will implement structured data markup using standardised html code such that the web crawlers will search for the content and display your site in search results. Structured Data Markup renders affluent results in the SERPs yielding to do better progress of your site.


Brandcock’s Technical SEO experts analyses your competitor sites’ keyword performance, backlink analysis, social media popularity, and technical profile. With these, our technical experts devise strategies to increase your website rankings to be in pace with top-ranking performers.


Logical grouping of pages and content is required to improve technical SEO of a website. While creating new pages we include contextual links and SEO friendly content. Also, we recommend to keep updating content over time.


Image optimization includes resizing or compressing images without compromising with the quality of images as and when required to help quick loading of websites. These invisible factors are more helpful for search engines to crawl and for users to navigate.
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