Elegant Product Detail Configuration

Product Detail Configuration

1- Go to the “Product Detail” tab and select the product detail configuration.

2- Product Detail Section Color:  You have the option to customize the color of prices, “Add to Cart (buy)” buttons, text, detail page background, countdown, product title, detail description, detail label text, “Load More” product button, and text on the detail page.

3- Detail Tabs Color: You can adjust the background, background hover, text color, and detail text hover, and enable or disable the tab color.

4- Social Icons: You can change the social background and detail social hover background color on the detail page.

5- Multiple Tabs: Navigate to a particular product, select the specification tabs, and scroll down the page.

6- Custom Tabs:  Go to the custom tab and set the desired title and description.

7- Custom Tabs:  Go to the video tab  and add the desired video.

8- Countdown Offers: Go to the countdown offer and set the date.

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