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Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing your brand’s digital footprint, optimizing conversion rates, and delivering tailor-made solutions to drive your expansion. By partnering with BrandCrock, you embark on a triumphant E-Commerce journey powered by Shopware.

As a certified Shopware agency, BrandCrock redefines online engagement by propelling businesses toward unprecedented success and a thriving digital presence. In the realm of digital transformation, BrandCrock GmbH emerges as a venerable Shopware partner, offering an array of comprehensive online solutions.

Our team of seasoned experts, all certified in Shopware, possess an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving industry landscape. Equipped with the latest insights and expertise, we navigate the waters of innovation with finesse. At the heart of our capabilities lies an unparalleled mastery of Shopware, making us your ultimate partner in fulfilling a range of online business needs.

Join us on an inspiring journey to amplify your digital prowess – BrandCrock is the bridge to your success story

shopware development

We are Proud Shopware Partner


As a Bronze Partner, BrandCrock stands tall among Europe’s trusted E-Commerce agencies. Our expertise lies in designing and developing premium Shopware plugins and themes, readily available on the Shopware Community Store. Elevate your E-Commerce journey with our innovative solutions. Employing a meticulous approach, we nurture our clients’ online shops with utmost care, ensuring every essential aspect is met and even surpassing expectations.

We are a Team of Certified Shopware Developers!

Our team consists of certified Shopware template designers and skilled backend developers, ensuring unparalleled expertise and proficiency in all aspects of Shopware development.


Captivate Audiences: Craft Your Shopware Theme

BrandCrock specializes in crafting captivating and functional Shopware themes that elevate user experiences. With a team of dedicated UI/UX designers and Certified Template Designers, we bring your brand’s vision to life through meticulously crafted themes that resonate with your unique identity.

shopware development
shopware development

Tailored Excellence: Shopware Template Development

BrandCrock is your ultimate destination for high-end Shopware template development. Our expert team of Shopware template designers creates personalized templates aligned with your business needs, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating online shopping experience.

Leading-edge Plugins: Shopware plugin Development

BrandCrock serves as your ultimate hub for cutting-edge Shopware plugin development. With a rich history of designing, developing, and refining more than 250 plugins, our expertise extends to customized solutions that seamlessly integrate and enhance your Shopware store’s functionality. From dynamic plugins and API extensions to 3rd party enhancements, we align our creations perfectly with your business goals.

shopware development

Shopware Migration: Unlock the Power of Shopware

As a dedicated Shopware agency, we’ve orchestrated numerous successful migrations to the Shopware platform. Leveraging the dynamic capabilities of the Shopware migration assistant, we streamline the transition of your critical data to your new online shop.

shopware migration

Shopware Shop Cost

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shopware theme demos

Experience Excellence: Shopware Theme Demos

Discover BrandCrock’s demo themes by clicking the “Read More” button.

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Unlock Insights: Shopware Tutorials

Explore our collection of videos covering a wide spectrum of topics for both Shopware 5 and Shopware 6. From frontend to backend development, our tutorials cater to beginners and advanced Shopware users, offering valuable insights and guidance for your E-Commerce journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopware development services
What services do you offer for Shopware?
We offer a range of services for Shopware, including installation and setup, theme customization and development, plugin development and integration, migration from other e-commerce platforms, performance optimization and troubleshooting, training and support, custom feature development, SEO optimization, and maintenance and updates.
Do you have references for Shopware?
Our can be found on references page
Do you develop Shopware plug-in?
Yes, we have developed many plugins. From smaller plugins to very complex plugins. The smaller plugins, whose development takes a few hours to develop, some plugins that took about weeks to develop and test before final use.
Have you also developed plugins, which are available on Shopware store?
Yes, BrandCrock as Software Business Partner has developed many custom Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 plugins. You can find the plugins in the Community Store.
Do you have Shopware certification?
BrandCrock is Shopware Certified Business
we have the teams with online shopware training certifications.
20+ online Certified Shopware Developers Frontend and Backend
Can you help us in migrating to Shopware from another E-Commerce Platform?
We have helped our many clients from migration to Shopware from other E-Commerce platforms, migration from Magento, migration from Plentymarket, migration from woocommerce, migration from PrestaShop, migration from PlentyMarkets, migration from Shopify.
How much a shopware development cost?
It depends on the number of man working hours we have to put into effort. You can find more information under Shopware cost estimations.
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