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OXID Ecommerce


OXID is an extraordinary instrument for building a business site. It gives broad capability in the business of eCommerce Solution for B2B and B2C plans of action.

One of the solutions for the retail exchange off tomorrow is to manufacture a business site with OXID. OXID eSales implies broad skill in the business of eCommerce arrangements with cross-channel methodologies for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer(B2C) plans of action


These days, customers are more demanding. Thus, everybody expects an online shop to be very convincing when it comes to competitiveness and quality. It’s not just a question of the obvious characteristics like usability and availability. What sets OXID apart from the other platforms is the seamless interplay of all the components from the smooth shop implementation within the infrastructure, easy expansion without operating downtime. With selenium and unit testing as well as the consistent crowdsourcing use when it comes to quality and development, the platform meets the very highest standards.


Indeed, time is precious and should not be given away. This is especially evident when one takes into consideration the costly parallel operation of both the old and new shop. Seasonal business will not wait for an optimized, new shop. The project rollout times for the OXID platform are proven to be amongst the shortest. This saves a business hard cash, and customers could get their shopping faster.


The platform has a feel for trends with a future. When it comes to development, one could bank on the innovative strength of the huge developer community. Over 100 developers are presenting new extensions and modules, nearly on a daily basis. With integration into the core of the platform, developers and service providers could offer the most innovative solutions in all facets, with the right feel for trends as well as the quality standard one expects from an established company.


  • Intuitive shop administration
  • Seamless integration to business processed minimizes transaction and administration expenses
  • Reliable logistics and fulfilment solutions by partners
  • Interfaces with product portals and online marketplaces
  • Affordable rental solutions and scalable hosting
  • Ongoing platform upgrades
  • International payment solutions and currency and language management
  • Guaranteed reaction and response times for support questions.


Lower costs mean reducing overall costs. The simple formula is what ultimately demonstrates an online store’s success. In terms of costs considerations, hidden items are relevant. Simple, intuitive shop administration and efficient processes help in keeping costs down and the profit margins up.


With OXID, a business is guaranteed with more turnovers, such as from passing trade to a loyal customer. The figures would speak for themselves, thanks to the diverse marketing extensions of OXID. From customer acquisition to lasting customer loyalty, there is a huge range of tools for targeted marketing activities. With tried and tested the usability of the shop, in-shop marketing, and extensions to all standard marketplaces as well as customer relationship management systems, one could make a passing trade into loyal customers and achieve good, lasting results.


  • Most recent innovation
  • Consistently Integrated
  • Manufacturer QUALITY
  • Data security
  • Service and support
  • International payment solutions and currency
  • Multilingual language SupportBrandCrock provide following services Over the past few years .we have served an assortment of B2B and B2C customers with versatile. Our laser like focus on your fulfilment/satisfaction will be the key differentiator for your businessOxid eSales Development Services
  • Oxid eSales design and Theme integration
  • Oxid eSales customization
  • Oxid eSales module development and enhancement
  • Oxid eSales website development
  • Oxid eSales maintenance and Support services

Oxid Development


BrandCrock GmbH Team uses Oxid to develop or create a strong websites that can balance your brand and create your business online through our digital solutions. Various Themes of Oxid and its functionalities give options for endless opportunities in website designing for your business or company. We will customize it for your client or targeted audience and using it to grow your digital existence.
BrandCrock Team can provide the following services for your Oxid Website.

  • Oxid theme development
  • Oxid plugin development
  • PSD design to Oxid
  • Theme and Design
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