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What is Plugin in Shopware?

In Shopware, plugins serve as extensions of Symfony bundles. These bundles and plugins can offer their own resources, including assets, controllers, services, or tests. Essentially, a plugin represents the primary method for programmatically extending your Shopware 6 instance.

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Why Shopware Plugin?

A Shopware plugin is a software component that adds specific features, functionalities, or enhancements to a Shopware E-Commerce platform. It extends the core capabilities of the platform by integrating seamlessly into the system and providing additional tools, features, or customizations that cater to specific business needs.

Shopware plugins are designed to enhance and expand the functionality of an online store. They can range from simple additions like payment gateways, shipping options, and social media integrations to more complex functionalities such as advanced product filters, customer loyalty programs, and personalized marketing tools.

These plugins are created by Brandcrock’s certified Shopware developers to address a wide range of requirements that may not be covered by the core Shopware platform alone. By offering a modular approach, Shopware allows users to customize their online stores to meet their unique business goals and customer preferences.

Key Facts for Shopware Plugin Development
300 +
custom plugins
50 +
Plugins in store
3000 +
8 Years

Your Plugin Development Partner

Shopware plugin development is not just a service we offer; it’s our passion and expertise. Within the framework of the Shopware plugin expansion model, we’ve harnessed the boundless potential it offers to create a diverse range of complex and highly beneficial plugins. Our journey in the plugin development field began back in 2017, and our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through the Shopware certifications our developers proudly hold.

However, Shopware certifications alone do not define the essence of our work. It’s our dedication to clean and meticulous development practices, meticulously adhering to our internal development guidelines and the rigorous standards set by Shopware, which are deeply rooted in the SOLID principles.

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Shopware Plugin Solution: From Simplicity to Complexity, Your Needs, Our Expertise

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