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Online Payment Solutions

For some old school people the idea of online business brings doubt in respect of safe money transactions and payments. The fact of the matter is the times have changed and online payment systems are winning the popularity due to the widespread and absolutely safe use of the online shopping and banking collectively called the eCommerce.

Online Payment, as it is technically called, refers to money which is electronically paid by a buyer to a merchant. This transfer of money involves computers and networks; and this whole process runs via internet.

An Online Payment Solution is a ‘credit card terminal’ which is part of the seller’s website and allows the customers to pay online. The solutions are developed for an online small shop or a mega store.

The commercial banks use these solutions as well. Online banking deals in what is named as ePayments. Online Banking for ePayments is abbreviated as OBeP. OBeP is basically a payments’ network which is laid down for banks. It is constructed and developed by applying the efficient and foolproof programming that controls transfer of money between places with fool proof surety and security. Electronic payment is essentially a non-cash payment, so no currency notes, bills, receipts, cheque or coins are needed. Instead it relies on credit/debit cards.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is another instruments used in ePayments and it is comprised of direct deposit, direct debit and electronic checks (e-checks).Guarantee of the payment is provided by consumer’s financial institution including bank, company or corporate house. An eCommerce application service provides a Payment Gateway for the user that authorizes credit or debit card.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an eCommerce online payment system that facilitates electronic payments and transactions.

A Payment Service Provider (PSP) refers to the service for merchants to accept electronic payments. They include credit cards, banks, direct debit, bank transfer, cash payments, PayPal, prepaid cards or vouchers, and e-cheque processing.

An Internet Merchant Account (IMA) allows merchants to accept debit/credit card payments online, directly to their business bank account.

BrandCrock GmbH knows all the required details of the Online Payment system. Our engineers design, model and develop an online ePayment modules and construct eCommerce platforms that would serve a particular or individual business of any volume.

Some of our previous patrons own leading online business setups. Our ePayment service provision, based and backed by widespread knowledge, is at your disposal.

Online Payment Solution Partner

Online Payment Solution Partner
We work with some an online payment model. Some of them are one of the leading payment service providers contributions its widespread knowledge at your disposal to understand your separate payment dispensation. From Novalnet you can expect the highest level of safety, technology, reliability, and support.
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