HTML5 Banners


HTML5 Banners

Being core technology of the Internet HTML5 is the fifth and latest standard version of HTML; a markup (computer) language used for structuring (software job) and presenting content for the World Wide Web (www).

In this modern world of business, everyone is engaged in winning the battle of reaching out to potential customers and clients. New and fresh brands are being launched and introduced. The entrepreneurs are entangled in a fierce struggle of winning the hearts and minds of the masses. Their struggle may result in making their brands a household name or may lead their products just a non-entity, A good campaign supported by good advertising strategy, through better sources and means, can lead to success. These means include “banner ads” that stand out in the market to catch the consumer’s attention.

The effectiveness of message through banners is an art that a few master. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer to this difficult task. This is well known in the business world that proper content of the banner can result in easy and fast access to a website. The text offered to the searcher must contain the keywords in the written material at a website. The keywords lead the searcher to reach quickly and smoothly at the very site where the searched item is located. Inclusion of keyword is one of the most important tools in Search Engine Optimization process because it shows the way to the searching customers where a product or software can be found.

General public is not conversant with the technical terminologies used in a particular, say engineering, field. They use common words so the content of a particular company’s advertisement. The banners must contain the key words that a common person may use to search a particular technological, engineering or pharmaceutical company. Whatever the official name of a particular service may be, a common customer is habitual of using non-scientific, non-technical common words for a service he needs, so the banners or the content must contain those keyword which might be used by the searcher.

It is not that the job is done once content is finalized and loaded on a particular website. It must be regularly checked, edited and changed as per the understanding and approach of the clients or searcher. This is done by continuous monitoring of the traffic to a website. This monitoring tells:

What the people are looking for
What his website lack in the content?
What key words must be included in his own website’s content to increase the traffic to his site?
More the visitors; more are the chances to convert them into potential customers.

Technically this stage is called improvisation of Search Engine Optimization. Constant optimization is part of the job; all and one do it. The marketing gurus know that there is no end to it.

Designing banners or creating flyers for any size of business need a constant eye that keep watching the visitors to the website; and their way of searching for the item or brand is regularly looked into. Google AdWords is of great help here. The synonyms, equivalent or common words are taken from there and included in the contents of landing pages of the clients’ websites. This increases the chances of having more visitors.

The number of visitors to a website is important. A social proof is a testimonial for a website. Recommendations from the people of a specific field give strong and favorable message to the new visitors. For that purpose, search engine optimization is done in a way that external links are attached to a website. These external links are like oxygen line to a patient at hospital bed. More the visitors to a website means the website is being trusted because the content present there is readable, interesting and more importantly, it carries the message to the hearts of the searcher.

It is a winning point for a website ‘A’ if a visitor to some other website ‘B’ diverts to ‘A’. This is like declaration of the confidence which a particular visitor shows for ‘A’ through his clicking on ‘A’. The magic of SEO shows its relevance here. It is well established in the business world that the banners having social proof are more trusted ones.

Another way of better SEO is to keep on repeating the keyword in the content or the text related to a brand or item. This will guide the search engines towards a website having those key words about the brand, service, company or item. It is done in an aesthetically suitable content so that the repetition of keyword does not bother or annoy the reader. The key words must not be repeated again and again like shooting with an automatic weapon but be set in the content “repeatedly” in such a suitable and grammatically correct way that the text carry a message to the reader properly as well as “attract” the search engines. The main body of the text must contain information plus guidance and be able to somewhat educate the reader or searcher. It must relate to the onlooker to the extent that the website is visited by him again and again.

In services sectors the content provides fresh information and opens new windows for thinking. The content works like a teacher offering and explaining something new. Again, it is done through search engine optimized keywords that attract the search engines. There are customers with different requirement like:

Looking for fresh information about a particular item or brand
Looking for solution to their problem
Searching for comparison of costs
Comparing the quality of service etc
The customers looking out for these purposes do the search whereupon they reach the advertised products online that might be present on websites having banners and flyers. The IT advertising methods of present day make it easier compared to yester years. BrandCrock GmbH can do it for its clients. A marketing campaign for affordable prices can be launched according to the will, wish, guidance and instructions of our clients.

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