Logo Design

Logo Design

Custom Logo Design, Mascot Design, Character Logo Design, Symbol or Icon, Word Mark, Letter Mark, Combination Mark.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logos is a Greek word meaning “logic” as used in the words like biology (the logic of life), geology (the logic or understanding of Earth) and psychology (the logic or knowledge of the psych of human beings). Literally it is said to be a sentence, statement, argument , an article, essay or even a book that contains reasoning and is used for convincing a listener (audio form), reader (print form) or viewer (video form).

In business world a Logo is a recognizable graphic design which is unique in appearance and capable of fully presenting the item or company for which it is made. So, a logo is a single “shape” that distinguishes the brand it represents from the other brands of similar nature like, for example, the logo of a soft drink, which is equivalent in properties, to another drink. A logo is basically the recognition of a company or its brand.

Sometimes a logo remains a symbol only but usually it is a combination of text and visual image that serves two purposes; it tells people the name of the company and it creates a visual effect. On occasions it is called a trademark, a symbol or an icon. It is representative emblem of a company, organization, department, club, setup etc.

A logo is not just a symbol; its reach is far and beyond as it has its own effects and results. It remains a constant feature in advertisements and marketing campaigns and appears on almost all the documentation related to the business of the brand or item.

Some very successful logos are so much adored that they are used as decorative stuff on people’s dresses and clothing. People look at a logo and clearly know what they are looking at. It is the primary means by which customers form an image of a company.

Logo designers are the graphic designers who convert an idea into an attractive visual, that is, a logo. They are artists of a class of their own. Their creation attracts the masses as the logo appeal to the eyes and minds and touches the hearts of the customers. These artists work with love and patience and produce a piece of art that has to remain and imprint long lasting effects on the market. Their clients may be a firm, a business house or an advertising agency. Their vision remains distinctive and broad as they have to compete in real business domain.

As per “text books” a logo must be

Simple; so that people do recognize it easily
Scalable; so that it does not look ugly in larger or smaller sizes
Memorable and attractive
Versatile and unique
Relevant to the “thing” it is made for
A graphic editor tool namely Adobe Illustrator is used in graphic designing and drawing applications. All types of designing and all kinds of modifications in a pre-existing design are possible in Adobe Illustrator. It is incredibly supportive for artwork people and highly appreciated and used by amateurs as well.

In addition to Adobe Illustrator the graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and do the image editing as per wish. Then there is Coral Draw, Apple Motion and Jeta Logo Designer.

We at BrandCrock GmbH have in-house team of experienced and professional designers who have creative and awesome ideas. We have our deep focus on keeping our clients and work ahead of industry expectations and standards; which means we are fully capable of satisfying our erstwhile clientage.

BrandCrock GmbH has a mission; we make our clients’ business or company look great by making the custom design logos for them which include

Symbol or Icon
Word Mark
Letter Mark
Combination Mark
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