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Magento Module Development

An incredible number of enhancements have been developed for Magento that make the web shop more user-friendly and efficient. There are countless extensions for Magento in the market but not every extension is suitable for every webshop and not all extensions are reliable.

We at BrandCrock, work only with experienced partners and reliable extensions.

Known extensions include OneStepCheckout, PostNL,, Fooman Google Analytics and payment providers such as Multisafepay, DocData or Afterpay. Complex extensions for drop-shipping are also possible.

Although Magento is a complete package, any webshop can be expanded with extensions or plugins. These enhancements can improve functionality, usability and conversion. What we do is to make our patron happy by providing tailor-made, unique and individual solutions needed to grow his/her merchandize.

We install the extensions and configure them as required. We also adapt them to the design of any webshop. Extensions can cause compatibility problems with each other and updating to a newer Magento version can cause problems. This is why we always work in a test environment for adjustments and installations.

Magento modules are the logical groups or Magento extension. These modules are developed to enhance Magento software’s features. Magento modules are primarily features of Magento itself and every module is separated and extendable. A module contains themes, libraries and language packages.

BrandCrock GmbH through its experienced module developing and Software developer team deals in Open Source Magento E-Commerce solutions and offer full services to merchant’s satisfaction doing on-line shop businesses.

It is necessary to understand that Magento plugin modules are separated and extendable logical groups that contain blocks, controllers, helpers and models providing business features with supporting logic for every single business. These modules are easy to understand and easy to use.

BrandCrock GmbH provide the following services

Addition of the new features and functions
Implementation of any new feature in Magento (1 or 2)
Implementation of various functions for Frontend users
Implementation of various functions for the Backend users (Admin Panel- Merchant view)
Extension of the functionality of existing modules
Provision of specific “to-the-store” and “from-the-store” features
Upgrading Magento 1.X plugin according to Magento 2.X
Fixing issues in Magento processes and events
Making safe Magento update (in case core files of the Magento are modified)

BrandCrock plugins Exclusive for Magento 2x on Community Store.

Ready to be installed Magento Plugin on your system.
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Gift Promotions

Gift Promotions by BrandCrock extends cart price rules of Magento 2 by adding 5 new rules for FREE GIFTS along with 19 advanced cart rule conditions.
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Delivery Date

This extension helps the buyers to view their product delivery date before purchasing the product. The product detail page has a zip code field to check product delivery
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Promo Banners

Promo banners extension from BrandCrock provides 15 patterns to customize and display promotional banners to your shop. This extension allows the shop
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Cross Selling

Cross Selling extension from BrandCrock recommends products to customers complimenting their purchases. This extension allows shop admin admin to manage cross-sell products
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Product Preview

Product preview extension for Magento 2 is built to display a preview for the product pages in the shop back end. This extension for Magento 2 eliminates the need for navigating to your Magento shop
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Product Accessories

Product Accessories extension allows you to recommend additional products as accessories to the products viewed or selected by the customer.Boost your online E-Commerce sales by expanding
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Recent Sales Notification

Recent Sales Notification extension for Magento shows recently Recent sales products to the buyer. The purpose of this extension is to impulse the buyer to buy those products
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Zipcode Validation

Zip code Validation

Zip code Validation extension displays a pop window that allows customers to check the product’s availability to their desired zipcode or delivery area. Initially when the webshop gets loaded a pop-up appears for a zip code
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Smart Basket

Smart Basket plugin lists registered end-user's most purchased products under Smart Basket tab in the main menu. This plugin allows customers to add their favorite products directly to cart

Call To Order

Call To Order extension for Magento 2 allows customers to order products in your mobile commerce app by making a phone call. Customers who do not know how to make online banking or credit card payments can pay using any payment options through the Call To Order extension.
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Recover Cart extension for Magento 2 keeps your cart items intact after an ongoing transaction gets aborted or payment fails. Payment failure may be due to insufficient funds in the bank account, technical issues, network disruption, or refreshing the payment processing page.
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Multi Seller extension for Magento 2 allows your end-customers to sell in your E-Commerce platform. Add this plugin to your E-Commerce platform and convert them to a B2B marketplace. Your E-Commerce platform will start supporting both B2C and B2B services.

Product Price Drop Alert

Technical Support Price Drop Alert extension allows you to notify customers whenever a price drop is in their favourite product. Customers can choose their products in the shop front-end and set the alert by providing their email addresses.
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Quick View

Quick View extension allows end customers to view the product details on the product listing page without the need to navigate to the product detail page in a new tab. The quick view appears as a pop-up page and the Add to Cart button in the same window.
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Notify Stock Availability

Notify Stock Availability extension allows you to send email reminders to customers if the requested product is available back in stock. When a product goes out of stock, a button appears to enable notification emails, through which customers submit their email address.

Purchase Coupon

Purchase Coupon extension allows you to create coupons for virtual products where end-users can send gift coupons through email. End-users need to add them to the cart and purchase them on behalf of their recipients who receive the coupon in email.
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Special Products

Special Product Reminder extension allows you to categorize products for special events and send them as reminder emails to end-customers. The end-customers will be prompted to place orders through those emails.
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Order Management

Order Management extension allows customers to edit their orders placed in your shop. Details of the orders can be edited by registered customers and guest users.
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Product Stock Info

Product Stock Info extension for Magento 2 allows you to display the stock availability of products in the shop. Product stock information is shown until it reaches a minimum value, after which the customer will be notified with the low stock information.
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Top Tier Customer

TopTieredCustomers extension for BrandCrock allows you to categorize end-customers who have ordered more than the amount defined in the shop admin panel.
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Magento Product Sales Count Plugin

Product Sales Count

Product Sales Count extension helps your end-users understand the product's popularity and encourages buying by displaying the sold product count on your store. Displaying sold product information will urge end-users to buy the product.
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The Whatsapp Notification extension allows you to notify end-users through WhatsApp messages. The order status notifications are sent as messages to the end user's registered WhatsApp number. Order confirmation messages are sent as a PDF file displaying the order details.
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