Can Shopware be used as a B2B shop framework?


Good News Yes, it is possible to use as B2B shopware shop framework, but not every version of the software is equally well suited for this purpose. The Shopware “”Enterprise Edition EE”” is particularly recommendable which is capable of handling the true nature of the B2B business model.  A true B2B Shopware framework must include these features

  1. Way to register and show the B2B dealers
  2. Clear division with Customer Groups and Profiles
  3. Restricted Access based on users and users Groups
  4. Flexible Payments methods for Dealers
  5. Imposing minimum Order Quantity
  6. Geographical country based Tax Exemption (VAT)
  7. Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  8. Bulk Purchase, Discounts and Offers
  9. Ability to Reord previously purchased products
  10. Customer Specific Catalog and Pricing

However most of the online merchant does not require all of these features, and much of the cost for overhead license of Enterprise Edition can be saved by developing the B2B features as individual Shopware plugin development. This can be done due to Shopware open source and greater modular extensibility. Furthermore Shopware itself offers the “”Business Essentials”” module It offers some of the key features for B2B Shop the options can be activated for registered dealers in just a few simple steps

  • Registered customers to segment into different Users groups
  • Show or Hide the prices based on the login status of the users
  • Present individual shop designs to each of the User groups

Do you have any questions or do you need advice to use Shopware as a B2B shop framework? We at BrandCrock GmbH as certified Shopware Business Partner are happy to help you with all your concerns.

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