Shopware System Upgrade


Shopware Version Upgrade

Upgrading any live system is a challenging task in itself, with Shopware one needs to be more careful when upgrading. Many of our clients which are already using the Shopware systems came up with this questions what is required when upgrading their current Shopware systems and Shopware plugins to latest Shopware  version. Basically it is possible to update the Shopware system from the Shopware backend. However it is very important to know the steps and procedure which should be followed to make sure after the system is updated everything works as it was planned. The Shopware upgradation also depends on the Shopware version in use and based on this version activation of the subscription plan which came along with the Shopware licensed version has a role to play. Irrespective of the Shopware Version and Subscription plan one has to keep in mind of the following steps while upgrading Shopware version.

Steps involved in Shopware Upgrading

  • One have take the backup of the current system, if does not exist.
  • Creation of Development environment (Staging) if does not exist.
  • Have to check how many Shopware plugins are in use.
  • If upgrading from Shopware 4 to Shopware 5, first have to update Shopware 4 to Shopware 5.1.2 and then to latest Shopware version.
  • Must have to check if there are changes made in Shopware “core files”, if yes then have to restore these files, by making separate Shopware plugin(s) for the features which were implemented by changing the Shopware “core files”.
  • Have to check the compatibility issues with Shopware own plugins
  • Have to check the compatibility issues with any 3rd party Shopware plugins if the plugins are not compatible with the latest version, They have to make compatible. “OR”
  • We have to check the plugin installed can be replaced with the better plugin in case the plugin in uses is not compatible with the latest Shopware system.

This is always a trick and risky process. Without the proper knowledge it is not recommended to upgrade Shopware System by yourself. If you have any questions regarding upgrading your Shopware Systems please feel free to drop us a message. as a Shopware Certified partner with outsourcing model, we will be more than happy to assistance you in this regard. More information about BrandCrock Shopware services can be found under our Shopware Support and services.

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