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Magento Gift Promotions plugin by BrandCrock extends cart price rules of Magento 2 by adding 5 new rules for FREE GIFTS along with 19 advanced cart rule conditions. Based on the applied coupon rule, the gift products will get added automatically or the customers can choose the gift products from the gift pop up. This extension supports simple, virtual, downloadable, and configurable product types. Offering free gifts to your customers makes them feel more beneficial and turns your store into a memorable one. Create various cart price rules for all occasions. This Gift Promotion extension makes gift management easy for your Magento 2 site and helps you offer free products (or) gifts to your customers when they make a purchase at your store. Gift Promotion gives you a privilege by allowing you to write your own gift conditions rules and actions which gives you almost total control over the way you want to provide free gifts to the End customers.  


  • Offer Free Gifts with 5 additional promo options
  • Customize contents of Gift pop up and notification as your needs
  • Rule-Based Gifting to customers with the help of Advanced conditions
  • Let your customers select their Gifts
  • Offer gifts to your customers based on their cart value
  • Offer gifts based on multiple criteria such as subtotal, categories Products, number of categories products, total quantity, or based on any particular product


  • Boost up your sales with gift promotions
  • Attract new customers
  • Drastically increase your sales rate
  • Support for simple, virtual, downloadable, and configurable products
  • Customers can choose a Free Gift if they met your conditions
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Faster stock movement

Gifts Promotion Rules

  1. Buy X and get Y as Free Gift
  2. Buy X and get the same product as Free Gift
  3. Buy X and get Free Gifts
  4. Get Free Gifts for every $X amount spent
  5. Get Free Gifts for every Nth Item in the Cart.

Link to download  https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-giftpromotions.html Please let us know about your reviews and feedback, if you require further assistance regarding this plugin or other Magento-related issues, just drop us an email or contact us. info@brandcrock.com

Please find more details about BrandCrock Magento Plugin development on the Magento  Development section

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