Shopware 6 Plugin Search Trends


Shopware 6 plugin Search Trends is characterized by standard and user-friendly. It can be completely customized without any programming knowledge, By using this plugin you can increase sales by showing the Trending Products of the shop to the customer with just a single click or touch in the search input field. The Trending Products in the search will be displayed either automatically or manually from the backend. The categories can not search through this plugin.

This plugin will work on two kinds of modes as follows:

  • Manual Mode
  • Automatic Mode

Manual Mode:

In this mode, the products will be taken from backend admin with a maximum of 5 products and will be displayed in the frontend, based on the exact sort order of the backend. Of course, the admin can also provide any kind of text that the admin wants to promote and can provide the URL to redirect to the specific page if needed. Or simply leave the field empty so it will show only the search results for the given text automatically by using default Shopware core search functionality.

Automatic Mode:

In this mode, the plugin will automatically pick up the best 5 products from the shop based on the maximum sales and it will be displayed based on the maximum sales order. The product name will also be displayed. For improving performance this plugin will pick up only the recent best products. So, the trending list will always stay fresh and new.

Link to download https://store.shopware.com/en/brand92650986137/search-trends.html?c=4

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