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ShopwarepluginProductFAQTAB|Detailpage|product faq tab

Shopware 6 plugin Product FAQ TAB | Detail page closes the information gap that customers would find on the product detail page by facilitating them to search the answer from FAQ. Hence the FAQ tab on every product detail page creates a comprehensive knowledge base for users. Various notifications for admin and customers help them maintain a long-lasting relationship which in turn increases customer satisfaction and hence, store revenue.

Easy access to product questions and answers on the product detail page: When product details are not enough to answer all the product related queries, then customers can view the product questions and answers tab for more details about the product on the product detail page.


  • Manage questions and answers from the back-end
  • Create a tab of FAQ on each product page
  • Customers get complete information on the product page about the product & service
  • User-friendly layout holds the customers’ attention

Link to download  https://store.shopware.com/en/brand31652239124/product-faq-tab-detail-page.html

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