Zaraibazaar is an application that connects the farmers with the market and the market with the farmers.

Zaraibazaar is an application that connects the farmers to the market and the market to the farmers.

Zaraibazaar is an online electronic marketplace that allows farmers to sell their produce directly from the fields to any market. Apart from crops, farmers can sell anything they grow on their land on the platform. We offer all kinds of categories relevant to Pakistani agriculture.

Zaraibazaar offers users the ability to verify the authenticity of agricultural products such as medicines, fertilisers, pesticides and urea through QR code authentication.

Zaraibazaar provides a discussion platform where experts from the field give their feedback and create a knowledge pool for farmers to adopt best practices in agriculture while reducing losses and increasing yields.

For more information: https://zaraibazaar.com/

Zaraibazaar is designed for all stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain to communicate with each other about any product and transact within the app without having to communicate through other messaging platforms.

Zaraibazaar provides the user with the latest agricultural commodity prices directly on the home screen so that the user is always aware of the price trends in the market.

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