Welcome to the New aura of – One-stop All Payment Possible POS from BrandCrock

Welcome to the New aura of – One-stop All Payment Possible POS from BrandCrock

Turn your smartphone into a Terminal and accept all modes of payment. PIN, Sign possibilities to complete the risk-free payments just like an old terminal.

Fully digital – including receipts and invoices – print / send per mail / WhatsApp/ SMS / and more. Accept payments using Cards, smartphones, digital wallets (e.g. Google Pay, Apple Pay), and other wearable NFC devices, such as smartwatches, rings, and bands.

Merchants need to simply download BrandPOS APP, which can be installed on any device equipped with or without NFC technology – no more hardware, No external terminal devices needed to be carried, no additional SIM or look for WLAN points, just the APP, no extra costs. High-security standards. Quick service and speeding up checkout and reducing queues, busy guests in rush hours / festive seasons/trade fairs.

Further information: https://brandpos.de

Reduce the cost of buying or renting additional physical terminals/devices

Operational features: purchase, refund, partial refund, cancellation, reconciliation of total sales per day

Ability to quickly and easily improve and update the product

View history of transactions by payment statuses

Highest security standards, with PCI DSS certification, etc.

Solution Waiting for the PCI CPoC security certificate.

Strong security procedures and ensuring processing in accordance with the EMV standard (safety and L2 certificate). Security confirmed by certificates from Mastercard and Visa.

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