Shopware Cost and Editions

|Shopware cost and editions

One must first examine, which Shopware license will be able to fulfil the requirement for your needs, the whole Shopware cost and edition depends on it. Shopware offers 4 different versions which are open source, with which you can setup up an Online Shopware Shop.

Shopware 5 Community Edition (CE): Free

The Shopware Community Edition, which is available free of charge, contains all the basic functions required to run a shop. The most common payment methods, such as PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or BillPay are available as a free plugin extension. Furthermore, the current Shopware 5 Community Edition is already equipped with a mobile shop version, which is very advantageous for new shop operators. In this version you have the premium plugin “Merhfachänderungen” in Shopware 4, which is also available for a fee.

Shopware 5 Professional Edition: 1295€ Net

The license of the Shopware Professional Edition costs 1295€ net. With this version, however, in addition to the basic functions of the Community Edition, you also get the visually very appealing storytelling function, which opens up many marketing opportunities for the customer. The storytelling functions are maintained via the familiar shopping worlds and can be set individually.

Shopware 5 Professional Plus license:

In the Shopware Professional Plus license, which costs 5995€ net, besides the basic functions and the storytelling function, All 12 Shopware Premium Plugins are included. The Shopware Premium Plugins cost partly alone already approx. 499€ net. However, when choosing this Shopware license you really have to consider whether you need all Shopware Premium Plugins. As a rule of the thumb if you require at least 6-7 premium plugin you should go with the Professional Plus license addition

Shopware 5 Enterprise version:

Master of Shopware versions is the Shopware Enterprise Edition. Officially Shopware does not give a price for the Enterprise version, but we know that this version costs from about 30.000€ plus about 500€ maintenance fees per month. Of course this license includes all functions of the Professional plus Edition and additionally as many sub-shops as needed and an individual B2B solution. This version is primarily aimed at very large online retailers with a large number of (multilingual) shops, international corporations and of 24 / 7 online availability with many Backup servers and clustering of the Database and location based access to the nearest server based on the client’s location worldwide. Support offer by Shopware teams.

Premium Plugins & additional features of Shopware (If required)

Based the version selection of the Shopware, the shop owner can decide which features are useful and which features are must have before going live. You can still combine and buy the Premium plugin one by one (each costing 499€ Net) according to your needs. Like if you want to have B2B integration in shop you don’t need to buy the full paid version online one premium plugin will enable this option for you at cost of 499€ Net. Similar you can select carefully with the help of Brandcrock Shopware Expert team which premium plugins you need to buy to fulfil your need. Additional customized features can be added to Shopware, using Shopware Plugin development. We will be more than happy in this regard to filfull your individual needs.


To conclude this point, you can buy 2-3 or more individual Shopware Premium plugins and installed these on Shopware CE, each costing approx. 499€ netto. If you required individual features these can be development using Shopware plugin development.

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