Shopware 6 Elegant Trend Theme

Shopware 6 Elegant Trend theme|Elegant theme|Shopware 6 Elegant Trend theme

Elegant theme offers you the ability to add a new theme to your webshop. This theme is highly responsive and comes with a wide range of customizable features and optimized loading speed. With this theme, you can personalize the home page, header, top bar, product listing, product filters, product detail page, status messages, text font, text color, footer, and social media icons on the storefront of your shop. Elegant Theme saves you a lot of time and worry, as the theme comes perfectly preconfigured and includes everything you need: clear instructions, templates, and a ready-to-use shopping experience. Should you encounter any issues, you can find the solution in our open support ticket system, where our experts provide lightning-fast support. The Elegant Trend offers a highly flexible and modern appearance. It is compatible with almost all plugins, making it a great choice for e-commerce websites. Its responsive design ensures that your website adapts to different screen sizes, providing a seamless browsing experience for users on various devices.


  • Extensibility > Elegant theme can be extended by apps & plugins.
  • Shopping experience world elements > Additional worlds of experience elements allow you to create even more creative worlds of experience.
  • Shopping experience worlds columns & layouts > More flexibility through columns and layout blocks in the experience worlds.
  • Size variant in the listing > Preview of the item in the article listing; add size variant on hover effect including wish list selection already available in the listing.
  • Color Variant> Color variant display on the listing
  • Search Layouts> expandable, Collapsible
  • Header designs > Simple and elegant header

Plugins functionality is included in the theme

  • Animated SEO slider Element
  • Fashion Teaser Element  for the Shopping Experience
  • Product Slider Element layout with banner
  • Countdown Deal  Banner Element for the Shopping experience
  • Reviews Slider Element in the shopping experience
  • Blog Element  in the shopping experience
  • Instagram element for a Shopping experience
  • Manufacturer slider element for a shopping experience
  • Size Variant display on hover effect
  • Switch listing view
  • Article short description in the category listing
  • Article short description in detail page
  • Color variants on the detail page
  • Social media icons on the detail page

Experience World

  • Animated SEO slider Element: An image-text slider expands the possibilities of the standard slider
  • Fashion Teaser Element: The teaser element gives you the opportunity to place text and links on images
  • Product Slider Element: The product slider and banner element give you the opportunity to place text, links, and image layouts with a banner
  • Experience Worlds Columns: More flexibility through additional column blocks in the experience worlds
  • Experience Worlds layouts: More complex design through additional layout blocks in the worlds of experience
  • Countdown Deal  Banner Element: The countdown element gives you the opportunity to set the countdown start date, and end date, and select the  product, description from the backend
  • Reviews Slider Element: The review slider element gives you the opportunity to set the image icon and text and set the rating stars
  • Blog Element: Blog element give you the opportunity to see the image, blog publish date, add the article, and set the button link  according to the respective blog


  • Search Layouts: Expandable Layout
  • Top bar Layouts: For a clean look
  • Optimized product images: Configure the product boxes to match the aspect ratio of your product images


  • Individual Header: Logo, shop navigation, and categories can be arranged individually
  • Sticky Header: Fixed header on all end devices
  • Language selection: Language selection display


  • Newsletter registration in the footer: Display the newsletter registration in the footer
  • Logo in the footer: Additional logo in the footer
  • Footer Column: Expandable on mobile
  • Social Media Integration: Set the links to your social media channels
  • Trusted Badges: Set the certificate icon on the footer
  • Payment and Shipping Method:  Set the payment and shipping method


  • Variant in hover effect view: If you hover over the product, the product size will be displayed on the listing page and color variant is also available
  • Additional listing functions: In addition to the Wishlist icon
  • Filters: Filters in the sidebar expendable
  • Sidebar: Add additional text and promotion banners
  • Second item image: Show the second item image in the listing on mouseover

Product Detail Page

  • Additional Tabs: Individual Tabs on Detail Page
  • Manufacturer Tab: Manufacturer information as a tab on the detail page
  • YouTube Video Tab: YouTube Video Tab on the detail page
  • Gallery Mode Grid: Alternative option of the gallery slider as a gallery grid with two products per row and load more options to other images
  • Product benefits: Show product benefits per product on the detail page
  • Short description: Optional short description of the product
  • Social Media Integration: Set the links to your social media channels

Link to download https://store.shopware.com/en/brand38673661354/elegant-trend.html

Please let us know about your reviews and feedback, if you require further assistance regarding this plugin or other Shopware-related issues, just drop us an email or contact us. info@brandcrock.com

Please find more details about BrandCrock Shopware in the Shopware theme Development section

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