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What do people say about BrandCrock?

BrandCrock is where we make your Brands

Located in Munich, BrandCrock GmbH is a leading and trusted German company with expertise in Web Designing and Software Development. Since 2015, we are here in the IT and Software fields to provide reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to the Information Technology and Software world in Germany and abroad.

Empower you to overtake your competitors

BrandCrock is a one-stop solution provider for all your business needs. We create sales-oriented websites, internet-based software and web services to maximize your business growth. We have multiple passionate teams and talented individuals who are extremely committed and well trained for doing their job with zero tolerance for any errors.

We produce high quality

The quality control and innovative needs of our clientage, if any, are met and carried out in Munich, Germany.

We provide a wide range of IT services that guarantee your success

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are key Advantages when working with us?
Based on our service model, you will be have following benefits.
  • 1/3 cost reduction, as our model is offshore based software development.
  • Your work will be done by teams of highly qualified and certified professionals.
  • Requirement gathering and project support via German representatives for German client.
How is the communication and coordination is managed?
We invited our clients to involve in Project Management and communication they can track, communicate and see the progress of the projects directly via project Managements tools.
How the service model works?
We analyse your requirements, user stories, wishes and any information provided. Based on this information we start with analysis of requirements, and then we come up with the solutions, which is required. We provide detail estimate how long would it take to develop the solution When providing the proposal we provide complete detail of
  • The hours for each task / subtask / milestones
  • Deadline for each task and milestone to complete project.
  • Roadmap based on when the project will be completed.
How are the development estimates and costs calculated?
All our estimates and prices are based on hourly time estimations, which we have to spend in order to complete the required work.
How the Software Development process works?
Once the proposal is approved and contract /NDA is signed, we start the work for development. Our Frontend and backend development go side by side. We use agile processes for the software development. We use GIT and use Continuous software development process to assure on time bug free delivery.
What will happened if the provided estimates exceed?
In case of exceeding the number of hours for a task, the project owner (Our client) will not pay any additional
What is brandcrock price guarantee?
We provide fixed Price guarantee based on working hour provided. No hidden or extra cost, Smart cover in case if we exceed the estimate.
How are the issues and bug reporting managed?
If the Issues or bug is reported after 4 weeks of development of systems developed by us, we will analyse the bug and report it back as bug or an issue. If it is a bug, Brandcrock will fix it free of cost regardless of the period. However, for any reason, if it considered as new work, we will first provide the time estimate and update the system based on approval.
How is the Quality of the code ensured?
We follow software industry best practices. Our teams are highly experienced and trained in their respective domains. We have Certified teams, Testers and developers. We are certified sales partners of Shopware, Magento, Salesforces and many others. We have development process, which make sure that best code is written and deployed.
What are additional key points taken into account during development?
Backend and frontend performances have highest priority. Our developed code is highly optimised and will not affect the load & reaction speed of the system. We will under no circumstances create an uncontrollable system.
How is the SEO performance of the system developed will be taken into account?
We follow SEO best practices when developing any solutions, SEO, load time and page speeds are always taken in account. Any solution we built remains 100% updatable, no core files of any framework are modified.
How is Support and maintenance works?
Brandcrock will provide free support for two weeks after completion of the tasks to correct errors for the completed tasks, if any reported. Our team’s works in different time zones, hence we can provide first level support and response within hours.
Do we provide white label solutions?
Yes, we provide white label solutions to our B2B partner agencies.
Is there any third party services provider involved?
Under no circumstances, we involve any third party development team. All the work done is solely developed by Brandcrock teams.
How the Data security and privacy is ensured?
We do not involve any third party provider. All the data security and privacy is sole responsibility of Brandcrock GmbH.
Where the Development will be done?
We have three development centres based in Germany, India and Pakistan. We have a very effective and transparent development and communication workflow in place.


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