Shopware 6 tech electo theme


Shopware 6 tech electo theme

The Shopware 6 Tech Electo Theme is developed by BrandCrock GmbH and can be easily integrated with your Shopware 6 shop. Tech  Electo Theme is a customizable, simple, and elegant design. This theme is perfectly optimized for Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone therefore you can significantly increase your potential customer base.


Fully Responsive

Easy installation

Focus on usability


Clean and Fast code

Our Theme includes the following functionalities

Service Area in Header

Hover Effect on Images

Scroll to Top Button

Adjustable Language Selection

Free Support

Optimized Mobile Version

Sticky Navigation

Link to download

Please let us know about your reviews and feedback, if you require further assistance regarding this plugin or other Shopware related issues, just drop us an email or contact us.

Please find more details about BrandCrock Shopware Plugin development on the Shopware Plugin Development section

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