Magento MultiSeller Plugin

Magento MultiSeller Plugin

Multi Seller extension for Magento 2 allows your end-customers to sell in your e-commerce platform. Add this plugin to your e-commerce platform and convert them to a B2B marketplace. Your e-commerce platform will start supporting both B2C and B2B services. End-customers can create their seller profile, upload products, sell products, and view payout details.

How does the extension work

After installing the extension, the shop admin needs to configure the settings under STORES Configuration BrandCrock Multi Seller. The admin can enable the module, define the commission rate, choose to automate seller onboarding or approve them manually when each seller registers, and then set the products along with the shop owner’s PayPal client ID to receive payments. Once the extension is installed the shop admin panel shows an option MANAGE MULTISELLER in the main menu. This menu has four options Manage SellerManage ProductsManage Commission and Manage Transaction. End-customers turned sellers can create a profile with company names and business information. The shop admin can view and activate the seller profile under Manage Sellers, and an approval email reaches the seller’s inbox. Soon after the approval, the products can be added and approved by the shop admin.


  • Transform your e-commerce platform to a B2B selling marketplace.
  • Encourage your customers to sell their products on your platform.
  • Maximize your profit by supporting affiliate selling.
  • Choose to approve or disapprove sellers in your platform after seller verification.
  • Choose to allow to disallow products posted by the seller.
  • Easily manage mixed cart invoices with split payment details.
  • Make payouts to the sellers only when the order is marked complete.

Link to download https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-notifystockavailability.html

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