Magento Notify Stock Availability Plugin

Magento Notify Stock Availability Plugin

Magento Notify Stock Availability extension allows you to send email reminders to customers if the requested product is available back in stock. When a product goes out of stock, a button appears to enable notification emails, through which customers submit their email address. The extension provides an email template for sending stock availability which can be customized in the shop admin panel. Notifying customers with the product availability information will urge them to buy the product. You can discover the most demand products through this extension, as you will come to know which product is most subscribed. You can add more stock to the most requested products, and also be sure of guaranteed sales of those products. In the shop admin panel, you can view subscribed customers and notified customers. Reminders can be enabled for all products and disabled only for a few in their individual settings. This can also be done vice versa.

How Does the Extension Work? Log in to the Shop Admin Panel to go to the Configuration option under the Stores menu.

Choose BrandCrock from Configuration and navigate to the Notify Stock Availability page. On this page, enable the module, provide a button text, button color, button text color, button text for email submission, text color, choose customer groups for whom the notification button should appear, and option to display the notification button for all out-of-stock products and choose the email template. The email template is used to send reminder emails to customers. This template can be customized from the default template available under the Email Template option in the Marketing menu. Click Load Template to view the configurable template content. In the shop front-end customers click the notification button, enter their email address, and submit their requests. These requests can be seen under the Notify Stock Availability page in the Stores menu. Subscribed customers and notified customers can be both seen under this pager, where the requests can also be edited.


  • Allow customers to request for a product when they are available back in stock.
  • Send reminder emails to requested customers about product stock availability.
  • Discover on-demand and bestselling products in your shop.
  • Notifying the product availability will urge customers to buy the products they have missed.
  • Enable notification for all out-of-stock products and then disable for a few products, and vice versa

Link to download https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-notifystockavailability.html

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