Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 project time estimate

Magento 1 to 2 migration is kind of building a project from scratch.The Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is always a project of 4-6 months based on the features, modules and design. This estimation is based on a team of 5-6 memebers.it includes;

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Shopware Setup installation and configuration cost

What is often forgotten by customers, but is always necessary, is the installation and configuration of the respective Shopware shop. This is mainly about the installation of the system on the customer server, where databases must be connected and the Shopware backend files must be uploaded to the respective Web Server, setting up the DNS and Hosting environment.

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1st successful year as a Certified Shopware Partner

Today BrandCrock GmbH has completed it's first year as a Shopware certified partner with Shopware AG in Schöppengen Germany.It this worth it? Yes, we are glad with it overall. It was wise decision our potential clients have much confidence on us for the first couple of meetings, that we, BrandCrock as an Offshore Shopware Solution provider know what Shopware is all about and Yes! You have a Badge!

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10 Tips for a Successful Online Shop

Good shop software provides the basic framework for an online shop and saves you a lot of development work. An operational online shop does not mean, however, that the first orders automatically arrive. There are many more things to consider for the success of an online store. We have put together for you our seven top tips for a successful shop.

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What does the complete Shopware Shop cost?

First questions our clients asked us.  What does the complete Shopware Shop cost?
"Well it depends" on the functionalities and features one want to have in the Shopware Shopsystem. We can still give an estimated cost of the Shopware Shop with the minimum list of the features to go live with an online Shopware Shop System, based on our Shopware development experience.

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Why We Need Plugins for Website Development?

Plugins are a piece of software code that adds extra functions to the core code of the website. Plugins are of great importance in the website development. These website plugins are written in PHP language program. It helps in a great manner to those who are unaware of coding available for free download.

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Offshore Shopware Development

Offshore is a new trend which is occupying business market nowadays. There are plenty reasons to use this offshore opportunity and no reason to avoid it. This outsourcing is very beneficial for small and big organizations. In offshore development mostly IT services are offered.

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Shopware 5.4 Development


With other new gifts in 2018, Shopware also showed up with a gift for its consumers. Shopware released its new updated version of 26.02.2018. Shopware 5.4 is offering a lot of new functions to the shop owners and developers. The added functions are according to the user's demand for what users are expecting and what will increase the performance. These new additions are bringing triumph and ease among the Shopware 5.3 users and will definitely bring more customers towards Shopware.

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