Why woocommerce is better ecommerce platform than others?

|why woocommerce is better ecommerce platform than others

WooCommerce is a free E-Commerce plugin that is integrated with WordPress to sell products online. For online shopping it is the most popular solution for merchants and buyers.A website is a powerful and cost-effective advertising medium between customers and merchandisers. A website presents the best features of all products and services. The same website can serve as virtual storage. With WooCommerce integration, almost anything can be sold online because the WooCommerce plugin turns a simple website into an online store. Completely open source, it has no limitations and enjoys the position of being one of the best selling points. Some developers make WooCommerce optimized themes available to the business world for free. Downloading the plugin is as easy as downloading any other software. High traffic websites are already using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is used on about 30% of all eCommerce sites. This is in addition to the millions of active installations. eCommerce is growing rapidly worldwide and WooCommerce plugins are downloaded in several million numbers. It is currently active on more than three million websites. In fact, it is currently the most popular eCommerce platform. WooCommerce has about 4% of the top millions of HTML pages. It can be courageously said that WooCommerce has full control over the market as it has an outstanding number of all online stores operated by WooCommerce. This figure is about 40- 45% of all online stores. WooCommerce is continuously gaining market share and has become one of the leading E-Commerce platforms on the Internet. WooCommerce has many extensions and plugins that are free and open source.

WooCommerce has nearly 330 extensions and over 1,000 plugins as well as thousands of paid add-ons at fixed prices. WooCommerce extensions include: – WooCommerce bookings: This allows a user to sell time blocks as appointments. – WooCommerce Memberships: This allows the user to “”restrict”” access to certain parts of his WordPress website and “”sell”” access to these parts of the website. Using the WooCommerce integration allows you to create your own online shop that displays and exhibits all the items the shop trades in. WooCommerce themes offer all the features of an online store including shopping cart, simple payment methods, integrated rating system, wish lists, etc… The owner of the website running on WooCommerce gets an added benefit of the reporting feature which helps in monitoring performance.

It evaluates the progress of the online business. It allows anyone who uses it to sell something without touching a line of code. WooCommerce-supported themes are typically used for business websites offering fashion and apparel, physical products, digital products, beauty and cosmetics, virtual products, etc. Shopkeeper: For this special purpose, the WooCommerce theme “”Shopkeeper”” is very popular. This theme has a very large number of functions to create professional and unique E-Commerce website. In addition to sales, this theme catalogues articles, organises inventory and collects payments. This is made possible by the versatile WooCommerce eCommerce plugin.

The flexible framework of this theme helps to meet all industry standards. In short, the store owner is faster than ever and makes himself one of the fastest E-Commerce topics. Jevelin: “”Jevelin”” is another WordPress premium multi-purpose website theme. It is easy to use and very comfortable, but clever and competent, dynamic and imaginative. Jevelin is considered one of the best way to develop attractive and memorable, stunning and beautiful websites. It doesn’t affect the functionality at all what can be done with a few clicks. Based on the WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin Suite, Jevelin’s online shop templates are imaginative, ready to process payments and shopping carts. Installation: The host server requirements must be checked before installation. The minimum specification must be met, otherwise you should obtain a recommended host. Perform the following steps: – Log on to your WordPress page. – Go to: “”Plugins”” then to “”Add New””. – Search for ‘WooCommerce’. – Select “”Install now””. – Select “”Activate now””. WooCommerce is ready to be used. After first activation the WooCommerce Setup Wizard helps the user in setting up the shop. In case of carrying out a multisite installation, each site in the network although sharing a database, stores its information in separate tables making each store is a separate setup. For reverting back to an old version of WooCommerce:

  • Disable and delete the current plugin
  • Restore a previous backup of your store’s database
  • Download a previous version
  • Upload the previous version underPlugins” > “Add New”.
  • Activate the previous version

CAUTION: It is highly recommended that the merchants must have the backups of their merchandizing business.


Two points are to be noted while uninstalling from a device.

  • Existing settings, pages, orders, products etc are still there in the database.
  • Total removal needs ability to modify site’s wp-config.php
  • To do that, open the site’s wp-config file and add define (‘WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’, true);on its own line above the /*.

It is done. Still in doubt, call an expert or ask for BrandCrock GmbH.  We are here to help and serve, just one call away.

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