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What additional features does Shopware Enterprise Edition have

What additional features does Shopware Enterprise Edition have | BrandCrock

Compared to the other versions, the Shopware Enterprise Edition is such a complex program that it is hardly possible to describe its additional features completely in just a few words. Instead, it makes sense to take a closer look at the concept idea: The Enterprise Edition should fit seamlessly into all business processes of a company. Shopware Enterprise Version offers Database Clustering. This means that it can be adapted to the needs of companies to an even greater extent than the other Shopware versions. Due to the free scalability, the Enterprise version of Shopware can also be provided with additional resources according to your own ideas. Shopware also promises a “”fast time-to-market”” for the shops in the Enterprise Edition. This means that they go online quickly and can generate sales. Through seamless integration into existing processes and systems, the shop should also save costs compared to competitor offers.

What does it cost?

The unofficial figure for the license of Shopware Enterprise cost is around 30,000€ for the enterprise edition. As a Shopware Certified Partner, Our experts at BrandCrock GmbH are also happy to provide you with detailed information about the Enterprise Edition. Just contact us.

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