Shopware Setup installation and configuration cost

|Brandcrock Shopware Installation cost

What is often forgotten by customers, but is always necessary, is the installation and configuration of the respective Shopware shop. This is mainly about the installation of the system on the customer server, where databases must be connected and the Shopware backend files must be uploaded to the respective Web Server, setting up the DNS and Hosting environment. A basic configuration of the shop functions includes.

  • Article listing
  • Products Categories
  • Price Groups
  • Individual customization of the invoice data,
  • User Management of the Shopware backend
  • Payment methods integration
  • Shipping Method configuration
  • Email Templates for Auto generated replies
  • Setting up various price groups for merchants, for example.
  • Configuration of the additional plugins each 2-4 hours for each plugin
  • Depending on the scope of the required plugins.

However, the duration of configuration varies. Overall, one can expect a total effort of 1-4 days.

Theme and Design selection and implementation (if required)

Another important cost factor is the of Shopware shop design. Basically you have three options.

  • Theme setting for default Shopware theme according to your CI (Corporate Identity) 6-8 Hours
  • Buy a readymade plug and play Theme and adapt it according to you needs. Prices of these themes varies but these are from Approx 99€ to 350€ Net each, and then individual setting of these theme for 16-20 Hours
  • Creating an individual design for you. It has two parts, first the designer will design a theme in Graphic tools each concept will take 4-5 hours each, and the implementation of the Theme in Shopware will take around 60-100 hours based on the complexity of the design.

Shopware Templating based on Design

The costs for the Shopware Templating depend on the choice of design. It includes placement of the Article Listing pages, Category pages, Text pages, Blog, Banners, Inner pages, Static Pages, Storytelling, Checkout Pages.

Cost of the Shopware third party Plugin(s)

In addition to the Shopware Premium plugins, you can install as many as 3rd party plugins which are developed by the Shopware services providers. The Plugins have many useful additional features raging from Shopware online payment gateway, Shopware delivery methods to designing of Menus for Shopware, Interagtion of Social Media Icons in your Shopware store, Chat functions, article listing for your Shopware  Store to SEO  search engine optimization for your online Shopware Shop. These plugins can be bought or get rented. The prices of these 3rd party plugins ranges from 15€ to 500€ (Net) each. Installation and configuration time for each plugins can vary, but it can take 2-4 hours for the proper configuration with Testing for each plugin.

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