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Cakeshop installable Demo Theme from BrandCrock

Are you looking for a modern, high-quality design for your Cake Shop, which works on all common devices? Take a look at our Cake Shop template.  It combines an elegant design with cool features that showcase your products in the best light.All features can be individually customized according to your needs. Thanks to sustainable programming and strict adherence to the Shopware conventions, a high quality standard is guaranteed.

The “”Theme Cakeshop”” is characterized by its cool design and its very user-friendly operation. It can be completely customized without any programming knowledge, which gives everyone the opportunity to make their shop unique and  customizable. The creation of an individual template is now even easier

Beautiful Features of the Cakeshop theme plugins!

Section-wise Overview

1. Customized banners with css borders 
Banner images can be customized via shopping world banner slider.

2. Portfolio Tabs
Responsive Portfolio tabs with hover effects and transition effects using CSS .Images can be customized via shopping world code element.

3. Image slider and Services
Customizable slider images and free services images which are responsive in all devices

4. Pricing Table
Pure CSS hover effects for pricing table and can be customized via shopping world code element

5. Product Page
Hover effects make you a feel cool

6. Products Overview
Products overview page is useful preset for template designers which has banner sliders as well as banner images which can be customized as well

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Link to download https://store.shopware.com/en/brand30986340628/cakeshop-premium-customizable-responsive-theme.html

Please let us know about you reviews and feedback, if you require further assistance regarding this plugin, Themes or other Shopware related issues, just drop us an email or contact us. info@brandcrock.com

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