Shopware Plugin Session Synchronization

Shopware Plugin Session Synchronization

This plugin resolves the issue of current session validation while shopping on the Shopware website. With this Session Synchronization Plugin,  you can change language without expiring the current session, therefore, the product in the cart and the cart balance will remain the same. When we purchase and add the product to the cart and then change the language. The default Shopware makes your session expired. Therefore the product in the cart and the cart balance become zero.

Link to download https://store.shopware.com/en/brand29344653635f/brandcrock-session-synchronisation.html

Please let us know about your reviews and feedback, if you require further assistance regarding this plugin or other Shopware related issues, just drop us an email or contact us. info@brandcrock.com

Please find more details about BrandCrock Shopware Plugin development on the Shopware Plugin Development section.

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