Shopware 6 Plugin Show Subcategory Image Title on Menu Navigation


Shopware 6 plugin Show Subcategory image title on Menu Navigation left sidebar is used to go to any subcategory in default Shopware 6. Show Subcategory Images in Menu Navigation plugin provides the subcategory images with titles on menu navigation. When you click on any main category, it will display all relevant subcategories along with uploaded subcategory images and subcategory titles. You can go directly into any subcategory page by just clicking the subcategory image or title.

  • Editable border color of the subcategory navigation bar
  • The editable font  background color of the subcategory title
  • No image icon will display when no image is uploaded

Link to download https://store.shopware.com/en/brand75295510721/show-subcategory-image-i-title-on-menu-navigation.html

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