Magento Zipcode Validation Plugin

Magento Zipcode Validation Plugin

Zipcode Validation extension displays a pop window that allows customers to check the product’s availability to their desired zipcode or delivery area. Initially when the webshop gets loaded a pop-up appears for a zipcode validation. Customers can enter their zipcode and check availability before they could start ordering products. If the requested zipcode is unavailable for shipping products, the shop shows an error message and takes up the zipcode request. From the shop backend, shop admins can enter the zipcodes and save them for front-end validation. When the end customers search for a zipcode and when the zipcode is unavailable for product shipping, the zipcode is recorded and the shop admin is notified of the availability of this zipcode. Based on the client’s request for zipcodes, if you wish to expand the delivery area of products, as a shop admin you can notify your customers through automated emails.


  • Zipcodes are validated initially to filter the products list.
  • Accept orders only for allowed zipcodes.
  • Unavailable zipcodes are notified to the shop admin automatically and considered as customer requests.
  • Customers are notified through automated emails when the zipcode is available for shipping.
  • Easily configurable with pop-up color changing options.
  • Error message displayed if the customer changes to any unavailable zipcode during checkout.
  • Enable or disable the extension when needed.
  • Automated zipcode addition to the existing list for every new zipcode availability.

How it Works

Install the extension through the terminal, and enable the extension either through the command prompt to display the configuration settings in the shop backend. Login to your shop backend and navigate to Stores –> Configuration. Under BrandCrock, choose Zipcode Validation to view the general configuration settings. Enable the module by choosing Yes and a pop-up will be displayed by default when customers open the webshop. Enable zipcode availability notification to Yes to send notification emails to customers when the zipcode is available for product shipping.

Next, enter all the available zipcodes in the respective field. Please note when a new zipcode is requested by a customer, the zipcode automatically adds up to this list when the zipcode is later opened for availability. Provide the customer enquiry email address which will receive customer requests for new zipcodes. Provide an email address from which zipcode availability notification email is sent to the customer


Frontend | Backend (User Name: zipcodevalidation / Password: zipvalidate@123

Link to download https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-zipcodevalidation.html

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