Magento Special Products Plugin

Magento Special Products Plugin

Magento Special Products Plugin Reminder extension allows you to categorize products for special events and send them as reminder emails to end customers. The end customers will be prompted to place orders through those emails. The emails sent will have recommended products based on the events or occasions, customized through a default template available in the shop admin panel. Products in the back end can be configured for each special event type. Based on the number of days set in the back end for each event. The reminder emails will be sent to the end customers a few days before the events. End-customers can set a reminder for a product on the product detail page, where they receive the specified product and its associated accessories a reminder few days before the event. Once reminded of this, they are prompted to buy the product and its associated accessories if necessary. This will boost sales, as end customers may require a product later if not now.

How Does the Extension Work?

Shop Admin needs to log in to the shop admin panel using their login credentials. To configure the extension, the shop admin must proceed to the Configuration page under the Stores menu. The Special Products must be clicked under BrandCrock menu. Under General Configuration, the module must be enabled, and the email template must be chosen. The settings are configured when saved. For the email template, under Marketing navigate to Email Templates and click Add New Template. When you load the email template, the template content appears. The template must be given a name, and the subject and content need to be customized based on each occasion. The template gets listed on the configuration page when saved here. Create an event by navigating to Manage Special Product Types, under Marketing. In the Manage Products Reminder page, provide a name for the event, set the number of days before which the email must be sent, and choose a status. Once done click Save. Configure each product in the products catalog with a created event name. The products get assigned to the event chosen and sent as a buying recommendation to the end customer through email.


  • Enhance buying experience to end customers by recommending products and their associated accessories.
  •  Create and send reminder emails for end-customers on specified date.
  • Customize the email with the default template – no coding required.
  • Create events or special occasions during which product purchase reminders can be sent to end-customers.
  • Configure any number of products to the created events
  • The email with products reaches their inbox few days before the events, so that they are prepared ahead of the event.

Link to download https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-specialproducts.html

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