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deliver date

Delivery date extension from BrandCrock allows buyers to check the product’s delivery availability on the product detail page. This extension helps the buyers to view their product date before purchasing the product. The product detail page has a zip code field to check product delivery availability. Buyers can check one or more zip codes. Delivery information will be available in the order confirmation e-mail. The same delivery information will be available in the buyer’s My Orders panel and the order history of the administrator. To help the buyers view the delivery availability, the shop admin should upload a CSV file with zip codes and their delivery date. You can find sample data in the shop’s back end. For every date check, the data will be fetched from the database. Admin can enter the delivery date manually for each zip code.

How Does The Extension Work?

Shop Admin needs to log in to the shop backend using his login credentials. To configure the extension, the shop admin must navigate to the configuration page under the Stores menu. Under Product, Estimated Delivery below BrandCrock, the required details need to be filled out. The details to be filled are enabling the module, showing or hiding the timer, setting the timer, enabling info display on the cart page, enabling info display in the customer order page, maximum days for delivery, before and after timer offset, enabling delivery date display, enabling pickup info, shipping availability info, and notifications. When everything is set, clicking the Save Config button will save all the details, and the extension gets configured. After configuration, the shop admin can manage the delivery date under Stores. An option Manage Delivery date appears in the menu under Stores. A new delivery date can be added for a zip code and saved along with Minimum days for delivery. To import the zip codes as a file, the shop admin must choose the Import option from the System menu. After filling in the mandatory details on the import page, the file with a CSV file format can be uploaded by clicking the Select file to import button. By clicking the Check Data button, the extension will validate the data and will show the Import button. The file will get imported when the import button is clicked. The imported file can be viewed under Manage Delivery date.


  • A timer can be set for the buyer for early delivery if ordered within a specific period. If the timer expires, the delivery date will be changed.
  • Allows the shop admin to edit the zip codes by adding or deleting them.
  • Allows the shop admin to create a list of locations for each product
  • Auto-filling feature of previously entered zip code.
  • Zipcode suggestion when the buyer tries to enter it.
  • The buyer can also choose the required delivery date in the shop and the date will be set for that order.
  • Cart page will notify that the delivery date may vary if the zip code changes in the shipping address
  • Shop admin can customize the date display to the buyer either as a date or as tentative business days.

Link to download  https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-deliverydate.html

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