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Cross Selling

Cross-Selling extension from BrandCrock recommends products to customers complimenting their purchases. This extension allows shop admin to manage to cross-sell products below each product on the product detail page. The products added for cross-selling can be related to the product displayed above. The buyer in the front end has options to add one or more of the same products. The total price of the displayed products is shown to the buyer after each update. The shop admin can add any number of products for cross-selling. The buyer can unselect products to add the rest of the products he needs and then add them to the cart totally. The checkout/cart page displays all products, including the cross-selling products, along with the total cart value.

How does this extension work?

The shop admin must install and configure the Cross-Selling extension in their Magento 2 shop backend to start using it. Under product listing in the shop backend, each product needs to be selected to add a cross-selling option for it. The next page displays all the products in the shop, where the shop admin will add for listing them under cross-sell section. The cross-selling products can be selected using filters and can be manually added. Filters are used so that the shop displays products related to the buyer-selected product. When the buyer clicks a product in the Magento 2 shop, to view the details, the selling products are displayed below with the Add to Cart button. The Add to Cart button is an option to add all the products listed under the selling section. The buyer has options to UN-select the unfavorable product, update the desired product’s quantity, and then add them to the cart. The cart page displays all the preferred products with a total cart amount.


  • Selling any number of products.
  • Manually add the desired products for listing.
  • Cross-selling related products for each product.
  • Allows to update the quantity of the products before adding them to the cart
  • Increases sales through cross-selling

Link to download  https://marketplace.magento.com/brandcrock-module-crosssell.html

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