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What does the complete Shopware Shop cost?

First questions our clients asked us.  What does the complete Shopware Shop cost? “Well it depends”” on the functionalities and features one want to have in the Shopware Shopsystem. We can still give an estimated cost of the Shopware Shop with the minimum list of the features to go live with an online Shopware Shop System, based on our Shopware development experience. The Basic factors which comprise of the Shopware shop cost are;

Cost of the Shopware Shop, It depends on the 4 factors

  • Type of the Shopware version and Edition of your selection.
  • Additional Plugins (Both Shopware premium and 3rd party)
  • Individual and customized development for Shopware theme and Design
  • Individual Templating of the Shopware Pages

Option 1 Shopware CE Entry Shop Package:  (2000€ to 2500€)

Shopware CE, Shopware default theme with CI settings and free plugins it will cost you around 2000 to 2500€. As this kind of the Shop system can be implemented in 80 to 100 Hours.

Option 2 Shopware  CE Basic Shop Package: (3500€ to 4500€)

Shopware CE, Bought Shopware Theme with with CI settings, Article list page setting and free plugins with 2 Shopware premium plugins. it will cost you around 3500 to 4500€. As this kind of the Shop system can be implemented in 160 to 200 Hours.

Option 3 Shopware Professional Advance Shop Package: (6000€ to 7500€)

Shopware Professional Version, Including the licence cost with individual design. You first have to pay for the creation of the design. Depending on the wishes, this usually takes between 8-16 Hours, only to create the shop design. In this design creation we will have to consider that for every single Shopware (Home pages, category pages, item detail pages, checkout etc.) Time to create an installable customized Theme based on this design can take around 40-100 Hours.

Option 4 Shopware Professional+ Premium Shop Package: (12000€ to 15000€)

Shopware Professional+ Version, which includes all the Shopware premium plugins with individual design. Including the licence cost. It includes Creation of the design based on your wishes, theme, template and bough plugins settings and configuration. These prices are calculated without costs for individual adaptations of the Shopware system and Customized Plug-in development based on your requirement. More detail about our Pricing and Shopware Packages can be downloaded as PDF.

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