BrandCrock BigBuy Sync – Shopware Integration

BrandCrock BigBuy Sync – Shopware Integration

BigBuy Shopware Connector

Synchronisieren Sie Ihren E-Commerce mit den BigBuy-Katalogen für Shopware. Wenn Sie sich automatisch mit BigBuy, dem führenden europäischen Dropshipping-Anbieter, synchronisieren und Tausende von Artikeln in Ihrem Online-Shop mit Echtzeit-Versandverfolgung und Auftragsverwaltung verkaufen möchten. Erweitern Sie den Katalog Ihres E-Commerce und steigern Sie Ihren Umsatz mit dem BrandCrock BigBuy Sync Plugin!

1. Vollautomatische Katalogsynchronisierung
2. Automatische Auftragserstellung
3. Multi-Sales-Channel-Unterstützung
4. Anpassbare Preisregel
5. Automatische Synchronisierungssprache
6. E-Mail-Benachrichtigung in Echtzeit
7. Spardose
8. Informationen zur Sendungsverfolgung in Echtzeit


To sync your BigBuy catalog with your shopware store you must check these points:

Step 1 – The initial step is the Installation of the plugin. The following screenshots will explain you in detail about the installation process.

Navigate to shop back office, now click on “Settings” menu and then select the “Plugins” tab.

Step 2 – Click on “Upload plugin” button to browse the file and then click on Open button to upload the plugin.
Step 3 – After uploading the BrandCrock BigBuy Sync Plugin, it will be shown on My plugins tab and click on “Edit option” to “Install” the plugin.
Schritt 4 – Now click on icon to activate the BrandCrock BigBuy Sync Plugin.
1. API Credentials

To get your API credentials from BigBuy, now click on “Get API Credentials” button and fill up all form steps.

Navigate to shop back office, now click on “Settings” menu and then select the “Plugins” tab and click on “BrandCrock BigBuy”.

If you have already a sandbox box or live account from the BigBuy, you need to configure the API Key Production and API Key Sandbox. The API credentials will be necessary for product synchronization and order creation process between BigBuy and Shopware.

Supported versions: 6.2.0 to

2. Sync Language

The language synchronization is automatically set as shop installation language. We have provided the English and German Language for synchronization. Admin can choose their preferable language for synchronization process.

Every 8 hours cron jobs will synchronize between BigBuy and Shopware.

3. BigBuy Products

Navigate to “BigBuy control panel” button of your dashboard. Once inside, click on “Products” menu in the left side or article can be found from BigBuy B2B Shop. And copied the BigBuy product SKU code, paste into the BigBuy Products field.

4. Money Box

The money box is an account that can show a real-time amount from the BigBuy based on the configured API key.

5. Price rules

The Price rules can be defined based on merchant wish to set during each synchronization the actual price from the BigBuy will be re-calculated.

Fixed price

With this option to calculate the Retail Price keeping in mind the profit margin you want to get.

Retail price = (In shop price * (with tax 21 %)) + Fixed price
where Fixed price is from pricing rule

Retail price = ((€ 18.35 * .21) / 100) + 18.35 = € 42.7235

Percentage price

With this option to calculate the Retail Price keeping in mind the profit margin you want to get.

Profit Amount = (In shop price * (with tax 21 %)) * Percentage
where Percentage is from pricing rule

Retail price = Profit Amount + (In shop price * (with tax 21 %))

Retail price = ((€ 18.35 * .21) / 100) + ((€ 22.2035 * .50) / 100) = € 51.66

For personalising the pricing rules in BigBuy Multi-Channel Integration Platform refer this link:

6. Enable Automatic Order

Enable Automatic Order option for creating automatic orders in BigBuy, during either in storefront checkout or backend manual order creation based on the order status from the Select order status for automatic order creation field. By default, the order status is open.

Order creation required the end-customer phone number. Make sure you have enabled the phone number field as required in Login / Registration form.

7. E-mail notification recipient

Real time Email Notification allows the shop admin to get synchronization updates on each action based on user preference.
Example : Automatic order creation or After each scheduler execution.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Will this plugin work on Sales Channel.?
Yes, it will work for all sales channel.
Once the article and data imported can the Shopware user edit the images and Text what will happen to the sync?
During the next synchronization our plugin won't change the images or text. So whatever the user edited will be there in the shop system
Can we make select / deselect the articles and categories if we want to stop the sync?
Yes, you can remove the product SKU from the plugin configuration. So it won't sync next time.
What will happen in this case if the article is out of stock on Bigbuy and it is listed on shopware shop as available ?
If the article is out of stock on Bigbuy, then it will be automatically updated as out of stock in Shopware shop and also during synchronization.
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