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Mozzaik is an online supermarket store where they provide with kitchen utensils, health and beauty, liquids, breads, grains, pastries and all type of canned foods as well. They also give their customers premimum offers to buy from their store.


Mozzaik E-Commerce-store is implemented in the Shopware professional Edition version 5.6.3

Plugin Development & Configuration

  • Delivery countdown plugin
  • Payment Method Plugin configuration
  • Update stock quantity Plugin
  • Shipping date plugin
  • Lazyload plugin configuration
  • Voucher plugin installation

User Interface Development

  • Theme Setting
  • Checkout page
  • Website SE Optimization
  • SEO banner implementation
  • Creation of invoices template
  • Website is user friendly and Responsive in all browser

Version Update

  • Updated the shopware version 5.6.3 to 5.6.6
  • Updated the shopware version 5.6.6 to 5.6.9
  • Updated the plugin version

Data Migration

    • Import all products, category & Order

Great food with great values

Website theme design / Plugin Configuration / Shopware Version Update/Plugin update/ Plugin Development

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