Electo Theme Product Page Configuration

Product Page Configuration

1- Go to the Product tab and select the product page configuration.

2- Layout: You can configure the background color of the container box.

3- Buy Box: You can choose to display or hide the short description, category tags, show tags, and stock view option for the detail page. Additionally, you can customize the price color, discount price color, description color, category and tags color. You can also modify the notepad button icon color, background color, and hover background color.

4- Product Page: You can change the background color, text color, date color, and border color for the product page.

5- Floating widget: You have the option to show or hide the floating widget. You can also adjust the background color, text color, and modify the text color and icon color for the detail USP section. Additionally, you can set the background button color and text color for the buy button.

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