Electo Theme General Theme Setting

General Theme Setting

1- After successful installation of the Electo theme, navigate to Electo> Theme >Edit Theme

2- Go to the Layout Tab: Go to the Layout Tab: Select the layout theme configuration from here. 

3- Theme Colors: Customize the primary and secondary colors, as well as the border color..

4-Layout: Change the background image, background color, image size, and adjust the image position. Also, set the width of the container.

5- Status Notification/Messages Color: Customize Success, Notice, information, and Error message color.

6- Ecommerce: Price color ,buy button background color and buy button text E-commerce: Price color, buy button background color, and buy button text.

7- Media: You can upload separate logs for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Additionally, also upload the favicon icon.

8-Buttons: You can modify the primary, secondary, and light button colors.

9- Forms: You can change the text color, border color, and background color, as well as the hover color for text, border, and background.

10- Product Rating Colors: You can change the color of the filled rating stars and the color of the blank stars.

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