Electo Theme Create shopping world


How to Create the Shopping World

Shopping worlds enable you to easily create impressive landing pages.

1- In the administration dashboard, go to Shopping Experience and click the Create new layout button.

2- Select Landing page or any other layout type of your choice.

3– Select the desired section type.

4- Now set the layout name and click on the Create Layout button.

5- After creating your layout, go to Catalogues -> Categories and click on the category you need to assign the previously created layout.

6- Now select the layout tab and click on the change layout button.

7- Select the recently created layout and hit the save button. You can also search the layout name if it is not initially visible.

8- After assigning the layout now you can save the category settings.

step 8 shopping experience

9- After assigning the shopping experience to navigate  to content>shopping experience and select the previously created shopping experience.

10- Next, you can drag and drop the widgets one by one into this location.

Hence the applied changes will be visible at the storefront.

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